Namaste from Palm Beach Florida. Here I am in Full Moon pose/asana. In this asana, the palm of my right hand rest on my heart, the magic of LOVE resides inside of each of us and is accessible through our hearts, through the path of self LOVE!

This pose was not easy to accomplish. Standing strong and balanced in the sand is difficult. It took all of my effort and concentration. Once I had the balance I felt the pure love and freedom that yoga brings to me.

February’s Magic Mantra is

I love Myself!

Practice this mantra daily and repeat it often with conviction and with dedication. When your day begins to get challenging or doubt peeps it’s opposing head in the door, repeat, “I love MySelf!”

When you make a mistake, repeat your mantra, “I love MySelf!”

When you look in the mirror, repeat your mantra, “I love MySelf?”

Check out the winner of the Blissful Yoga January 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

Congratulations Betty!

Betty is the winner of our 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Betty came to 23 yoga classes at Blissful Yoga!

I asked Betty to share her experience with our yoga community.

“I struggle with balance, flexibility and weight gain due to medical issues that are a part of life now. The body I once had is a vague memory. I have tried and abandoned a variety of exercise regimes as was left feeling defeated and sore. I devoted the month of January to myself and managed to practice most days with supportive women. On these occasions, I was left feeling calm and accomplished. I am learning to accept where I am today. I am no longer angry with my body. As a result of the last month, I feel more grounded, less discomfort, and know as long as I focus on breathing, I will continue progressing. I look forward to my continued practice growth. Thank you to all of the instructors at Blissful Yoga from whom I have acquired modifications that work best for me.” 

(If you participated in our 30 Day Yoga Challenge, please let me know how you did!)

Hatha Yoga is considered a philosophy and also a science because of its emphasis on practice. PRACTICE is the key. As with Betty, she went further into her PRACTICE and then received the benefits.

Next is how do we do this practice? The second chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which is an ancient text written 2000 years ago provides us with this information.

In Yoga Sutra 2.46, Patanjali defines asana as “practicing yoga with strength and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body (asana).”

This is explained further in Yoga Sutra 2.47 which states, “The posture is perfected, made steady and comfortable through relaxing, not forcing the effort and by fixing the consciousness on the Infinite.”

So, here are our steps to finding the Magic within through the

Path of YOGA:

Yoga is so much more than stretching or a physical work out? Why? Because we merge our attention with the Infinite inside of us. Through this merging, we find our selves.

Another ancient text, written around the 15th century, is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains the meaning of Hatha.

“Ha” represents the sun


“Tha” represents the moon.

Hatha Yoga means the practice of uniting the Sun and the Moon inside of us. It is the practice of balancing our Yin and Yang. It is a stairway to merging our consciousness with the Infinite.

Blissful Yoga offers many classes, workshops, trainings and mentor programs to find the magic within. Check out our offerings below!



P. S. One way we keep our balance is by taking time to pause, reflect and apply self care. Rituals are taking sacred time to consciously connect yourself with your spirit. Below is an invitation to join Victoria for a Waning Moon Ritual she performed on the beach in Florida. This ritual can be practiced until February 14, Valentines Day or before our New Moon on February 15.

Waning Moon Ritual with Victoria