The storm on Friday night, March 2 was quite unexpected. We were braced for rain, not snow.

Energetically, it felt transformational and magical. The night before was a Full Moon and on Full Moons I like to pick something to release. Something that is no longer serving my highest good and not bringing me peace. I choose to release old ways of seeing things.

A recent situation caused me to experience fear and I began to panic but I caught myself through breath. I realized that I was looking at this from an old way of seeing things, a way of fear and panic which were counter-productive. I realized I needed to see this situation through contentment/Santosha. I then began to see this situation as a blessing.

In Yoga, Santosha the second Niyama in Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga means to always find contentment and gratitude. This is an observance or discipline that yogis practice to shift their focus and maintain positive energy.

Santosha is what I am practicing when I choose to release old ways of looking at things and instead choose contentment.

“We can easily practice santosha in the beautiful moments and joyous experiences of our lives. But Patanjali asks us to be equally willing to embrace the difficult moments.”

Judith Lasater

March’s Magic Mantra:

I see Grace

Since, March came in like a lion, maybe March will go out like a lamb.


Victoria Goodwin