Welcome December 2018!

December is a beautiful time to reflect upon the past year and make dreams and intentions for the New Year. We have plenty of offerings that allow for that opportunity, from our Magical Bundle Making Workshop, to the Holy Family Yin Yoga, Reiki & Meditation workshop, and at the Yule Celebration

The holiday season is also a time that can be emotionally challenging for many who are grieving the lost of loved ones. In honor of that, Blissful Yoga has a couple of workshops that will focus on just that, our deceased.

On Saturday, December 15, Blissful Yoga is honored to host Colleen St. Michaels, an Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Healer, Medium, Teacher and Author. As a medium, she can connect with our loved ones who have past on to the spirit realm and may bring messages during this special season. I have personally had a reading with Colleen and absolutely adore her! She is magical and one can sense the angels all around her.

In addition, I am honored to host a Grief & Yoga Workshop on the Saturday before Christmas, December 22. Last month on November 26, I posted that I was hosting a Grief & Yoga Workshop, and within an hour, my mom called to say that my Aunt Iris died the night before. She is my mother’s oldest sister. Yesterday, I returned from traveling with my mother and daughter from visiting my Aunt Iris’s children, husband and family in Georgia.

This trip was a time of reminiscing and a time of beginning the healing process of grief.

For most of my summers as a kid, we would vacation in Disneyworld together with my Aunt Iris and her family. Below is a picture of my Aunt Iris, me, my brother and her two girls. Can you guess which one is me???

I have a lot of beautiful memories of vacationing with Aunt and her family.

During this recent trip to Georgia, I used this time to personally practice yoga, breathing and meditation with a focus on grief.

My aunt’s death also brought back memories and presences of other family members who have died. Processing grief requires inner strength to release physical and emotional tension. I found myself going to bed early most nights and yet still waking very tired the next day. Grief brings on deep fatigue.

When I began to write this newsletter, I honestly felt W O R D L E S S. Now I feel like some type of incubating is happening, which is perfect for this phase in the moon, as we are now in the Dark Moon phase. The Dark Moon occurs just before the New Moon and is when the Moon is the smallest and therefore, we do not see as much Moonlight if any in the nighttime.

The Dark Moon is also a time to honor our deceased and to take time to go within.

Below is a picture of me practicing Parsvottanasana or Intense Side Stretch Pose. Whenever I am in this asana/pose, I like to find something to pay homage to. Here in the middle of the peach tree field which is also getting ready to incubate for the Winter, I have chosen to pay homage to my Mighty Dead relatives and loved ones.

It goes on to say, to ensure that we focus on God at the hour of death, one should make a practice of remembering him continually now. “If he makes his mind one-pointed in meditation and learns to focus his being on Krishna, then naturally, at the time of death, he will think of nothing else. Otherwise, in the chaos of death, he will panic and lose his way.” The Bhagavad Gita translated by Eknath Easwaran

I believe that all religions are just different doorways to the same God. But, my faith is not yours and yours is not mine.

During this special season of honoring the savior, Jesus Christ, remember to take time to rest, to remember and to also honor yourself.

Wishing each and every one of you much love and magical blessings.


Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Founder of Blissful Yoga, Sacred Empowerment Mentor & Intuitive Healer

P. S. Blissful Yoga is running a HOLIDAY drive for food and gifts for The Camden County Partnership for Children.

These families are in dire need of food and gifts! One young child has on his Christmas list, a gift certificate to Shoprite so that his family can buy food.



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“The Camden County Partnership for Children will partner with children, families, and communities to provide an integrated, strength-based, comprehensive, accessible, and accountable system of care management for children with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families throughout Camden County.”