June 2018!

In March, I received my new spiritual name which is Parvati.

The Goddess Parvati is the Divine Feminine Yoga Master and she is married to Shiva the creator of Yoga. Goddess Parvati is an incarnation of Shakti, the Divine Feminine Principle in the Cosmos.

Since June is known as the month of LOVE and therefore, most marriages happen in June, I shall introduce you to another aspect of Parvati which is the Goddess of Love, Goddess Lalita!

Take a close look at the picture above of Goddess Lalita.

She is seated on a lotus flower which is hovering over five gods.

First is her husband, the God, Shiva. Shiva is in his reclined position lying on a bed which has four other Gods as bed posts.

These four gods are, Brahma-The Creator, Vishnu-The Preserver, Rudra, a Destroyer, and the fourth God is the culmination of these three Gods.

These five Gods are motionless without HER and they willingly support her because they know that she is GRACE.

The female Goddess, RULES!

The Divine Feminine Rules with her dynamic creative force in the Universe and the Divine Masculine grounds and supports that energy. One without the other is going NOWHERE.

Lalita, is the force that propels the three laws of cosmic duty, creation, preservation and dissolution.

She gets this done, by either doing the jobs herself or she motivates the Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to do so.

But ultimately, she is the one who is the driver of this Universal Energy in our Cosmos!

This reminds me of the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the mother says, “Man is the head, but the Women is the neck and she can turn him into any direction.”

Let, me tell you…I am falling more and more in love with Parvati and all aspects of her daily!!!

The Great Mother or the Divine Feminine has been honored and revered since the beginning of time until the past 15 centuries. During that time patriarchy took over, because quite frankly, they feared Her, and wanted to control women and power.

However, just as the cosmos can not be in balance without the Divine Feminine neither can our inner worlds.

Goddess Lalita represents desire and erotic play. In Tantric Yoga, the core practice is raising sexual energy into balance and empowerment through the union of spiritual and sexual energy.

Finding Sacredness in all that we do is practicing Tantra.

Most of us were brought up believing that sex is bad, taboo, naughty, yet we are birthed from sex. So how does that make us feel…shameful?

Shame is when we view ourselves through the eyes of others. In reality, it is KNOWN of our business what others think of us. What truly matters, is how we think and see ourselves.

When the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies are in balance within us and within our countries, then we flow beautifully in relationships, in health & in love.

Just as flowers are blooming everywhere in this month of June, that is what Lalita is! She is pure creative blooming beauty.

She is here to show us that we are HER. We are pure BEAUTY

How does that make you feel?

Ponder that…take some time and ask yourself, am I beautiful? What does beauty mean to me? Who do I think is beautiful? What qualities do they have?

Here’s a simple yet profound Tantric practice:

Take several moments to gaze at a blooming flower. Then spend some time gazing at your own inner self and ask the Divine Feminine Energy to reveal to you the beauty within yourself.

I am putting together a Tantric Workshop titled “Moving in Sacredness” which is for individuals and/or couples. This workshop includes, Pranayama-Tantric Breathing Techniques, Meditation, and Journaling. Tantra means to weave or expand. During this workshop we are weaving our physical selves with the Universe in Divine Union.

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This month at

Blissful Yoga

our focus is on

Sacred Beauty


Magical Mantra:

Every Cell in My Body is Beautiful

Shanti’ – Peace,

Parvati-Victoria Goodwin

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