May’s Blossom Full Moon in Sagittarius!

May’s Blossom Full Moon in Sagittaurus guides us to let the adventure begin! Sagittarius sign has a bow and arrow.  So, let’s hunt for our new adventures that are calling to us this Summer through a Full Moon Ritual.

 This Sagittarus energy is ruled by fiery Jupiter and wants to HUNT, Capture, and Succeed in the Highest Purpose of your Soul’s evolution.

During all Full Moons, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are all in alignment.  We can use this time when the Cosmos are in alignment, to also align with our Soul’s Highest Purpose.

But before we move forth, take time for a Sacred Pause and ask yourself what is holding you back?  What can you release that is no longer serving your highest good?  Full Moons are  a time for releasing.

Rituals are a time for a Sacred Pause.  A time to honor our Sacred Selves in self care.

How do we pause?????

We pause through the practice of ceremony or ritual, in taking time to sacredly honor your life, your path, your journey, your past, your present, your future and your deepest heart’s desire. We choose now what we would like to release so that our Soul’s Highest Path can come forth.

Pause from this busy life where we can get caught up in the doing of things and take time to be in the business of BEING .

BEING PRESENT with the sacredness of  Y O U.


Items needed:

Candle, Lighter, Piece of Paper, Pen or Pencil, Bowl of Water, Optional Altar space (see below)

  1. Optional Altar Space:  Clean an area, whether it be a shelf, or a corner in your room. Find an area to be your personal altar space.  Put something that you love and treasure there. Something that brings you joy, something that makes your eyes and heart twinkle. Maybe it’s flowers, or a crystal, or a statue of Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, or any deity.   

  2. Light your candle

  3.  Meditate and contemplate on your Soul’s Highest Purpose.  You may have no idea what this is and that is perfect.  Ask your Higher Power to guide you.

  4. Now what can you RELEASE that is holding you back?  Write what you want to release on the piece of paper.

  5. With the bowl of water near the candle.  Burn the paper while saying, “I release  Fill in the Blank!   Say it 3 times.  Release the burning paper into the water when you can’t hold it any longer.  (BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE!)

You, my dear, are a Sacred Being. You are a Spiritual Being living in your absolutely amazing beautiful strong courageous body.

You choose to come into this life and to experience everything that you are experiencing so that you can learn in this school of life.

Learn that you are a Divinely, Creative, Sacred, Scrumptious, Sensual and Sacred Being.

What old self limiting beliefs are you ready to release?  

Be in the present moment and allow the past to be the past. Let go of guilt.

Smile. In fact, the new Magical Mantra is : BE SHAMELESS!

Stand strong in who you are and let shame dissolve! 

Blossom forth with your wishes, desires and dreams.

Allow the fiery energy of Jupiters which is ruled by Sagittarus to propel you into action and integrate quickly.

Connect sharply with your inner warrior, especially in your yoga practice.

You choose to walk this path in integrity so let go of limiting beliefs of what is so called right and wrong.

It’s a tough love time that we are entering in. So, when you fall down emotionally OR if a door closes, get back up, wipe yourself up, dry your eyes and get ready for a new door to open.  Get back in this game of life.

Everybody has life experiences that are a collage of emotions; joy, pain, love, challenges and all of life’s ups and downs. That is LIFE!

You are absolutely FINE.  You are here, ALIVE!

In FACT, you’re so FINE, that you’re SHAMELESS!  

Magical Mantra: Be Shameless!


Bountiful Blessings!


Parvati Victoria Goodwin

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