November Blessings to you and yours!

November 1st is All Saints’ Day, a day to honor Saints from the Catholic religion. Tomorrow is All Souls’s Day and from October 31 to November 2 is the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

This is a time when the veil between our physical world and the spirit world is the thinnest which makes it an opportune time to honor our dead.

Last night I had the privilege to participate in a
beautiful and magical evening where five women gathered together and paid great respect to our deceased loved ones.

I chose this evening to pay a tribute to my incredibly beautiful younger sister. Lori Lynn, who died at age 28, fourteen years ago.

My sister, Lori Lynn at age 15 and me at age 26!

During this special celebration, we took time to write a letter to our deceased loved one.

Then we created a sacred circle together sealing in our space in perfect love, perfect peace and perfect trust. We set up an altar with flowers and candles and we each put a picture of our deceased loved one on the altar too.

Our host set a lovely table in mostly black with a black table cloth, black plates with Halloween pumpkins on them, black chalices, black napkins and black plastic wear. We kept the seat at the head of the table for all of our dead. We filled up a chalice with wine for the Spirit of the Dead and filled a plate for the dead with lots of yummy desserts.

We lit candles, poured red wine, then we proceeded to eat in silence, while looking at the head of the table and taking time to remember and honor our departed ones.

Once we were finished eating and began to talk together as a group, we found out that each one of us became extremely hot during the silent dessert. We feel it is because so many more were in the room with us even though we could not actually see them.

There were nine candles lit and not one flickered the entire time until the end when one person said they weren’t sure if their deceased was there. Then we noticed that the candle next to her deceased loved one was the only candle flickering. It was like her loved one was saying, “Here, I am!”

The rest of us all felt our dearly departed with us. For me, my sister enjoyed the desserts, each and every one of them!

If you would like to take this time to honor your own deceased loved ones, a simple candle and picture of them will do. (And if you prefer to set your entire table in black and have any questions about that, just send me a reply to this email and I’ll follow up with you.)

By taking time to light a candle and gaze into their picture, then close your eyes and follow your breath, you can reconnect with your own loved one by remembering times that you spent together.

If there is forgiveness that you would like to offer or ask for, you can also do that at this time!

Healing can occur even through the veils between our spirit world and physical reality.

Wishing many magical blessings to you and yours both in this physical world and in the spirit world.


Parvati Victoria Goodwin

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Pat is an incredibly beautiful and magical being who shares her magic through her art and through her loving huge heart!

Blissful Yoga is extremely blessed to have her practicing yoga in our special place.

Student of the Month

“When I walk through that purple door to Blissful Yoga….I feel like I’m home. Belonging to this wonderful, accepting, community, has helped me ….mind, body, and soul! I had back surgery a few years ago and even after surgery still suffered with pain, that was before I made the commitment to make yoga a daily part of my life. I never thought I’d feel this physically good again. I believe this past year, my yoga practice, has brought me a special kind of peace, mindfulness, and contentment. I am so very grateful for Victoria and her fabulous team of yoga instructors for helping me find my magic within.”

– Pat