There’s Beauty in the Struggle…

Gifts of Relentless Surrendering

What brought you to Blissful Yoga?  Was it a search for healing or for spiritual aspirations?

Suffering and the search for wellness and enlightenment begin on the same path.

However, those paths separate when we avoid suffering.

When the automatic desire to become free of pain causes us to struggle against pain rather than a search for balance, the paths of healing and spiritual aspiration separate.

Are you stuck in the struggle against pain?

Are you trying to repress the feelings of struggle?  Or are you in denial or remorse?

Our minds create problems all day long—

Is it possible to GET FREE?


But before there can be healing, we must let ourselves be sick.  Sickness is a teacher.

The path of Yoga offers us the opportunity to reach healing or spiritual aspirations by creating space for the reversal of the suffering.  How do we do this?

 It begins with Yoga Sutra 1.23-

From trustful surrender to Isvara (God), samadhi also comes.*

*As translated from “The Secret of the Yoga Sutra” by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

There’s a three step process to get back on the path of balance:

1)  By a deep and stable acceptance and recognition of the suffering

–  Here we realize we can’t figure it out. So, we truly go deep into the suffering by opening the doors, shades, windows of our minds and bodies where we previously were closed out of fear.

2)  Relentless Surrender

– Here we choose to surrender again and again.  We accept that the suffering we are experiencing is for our highest good.

– We step back and create a space of openness for a new reality.

– Be Relentless.

3)  Trust

– T R U S T in a Higher Power. Have FAITH in your God.

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring is a program of realizing the truth of our inherent power and divinity that resides within us.

We are here to rise.  As we rise, so does a new paradigm of powerful women and men working, healing and transforming together.

I am here to serve women and men in empowerment.  I’ve gone through many challenges in my life with health, disability, chronic pain, divorce, child custody battles, divorce again, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, depression and anxiety.

Through my own empowerment, I rose out of the chains of fear and into love which transformed me.

I am not without fear yet I choose to move forth in the face of any fear.

I choose JOY and LOVE over and over again and ask for the highest version of myself to step forth.

What are your dreams?

Do you feel that there is something calling you but you’re now sure what it is? 

You have the power to create your dreams.  Actually you have the power to create something bigger than you even imagined.

This is done by reclaiming your sacred self and valuing your emotions, your sensitivity, your creativity and above all your intuition.

Moving boldly even when you are terrified because that which scares you the most is the jewel of your existence.

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring  is a journey of looking deeply into your struggles. Exploring them because they are there to polish up who you truly are .

I am here to serve.  Can I serve you in someway today with your dreams, with owning your Sacred Empowerment?


Bountiful Blessings!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Parvati Victoria Goodwin 

Sacred Empowerment Coach

Blissful Yoga

21 South Main Street

Mullica Hill, NJ 08062


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