Winter Solstice Greetings to you and yours!

Blessings on this Winter Solstice! Today is the day with the shortest amount of sunlight and tonight is the longest, darkest night of the year.

2018 has brought us all some dark nights of the soul to be awaken just in time by the light of the rising sun.

Yule/Winter Solstice is a time to celebrate the rebirth of the sun with longer days of sunlight beginning again tomorrow.

Polar bears offer animal wisdom or medicine for us. For instance, Polar bears are excellent swimmers, and when we tune into the spirit of the polar bear, we can use their assistance to find one’s way back from being at the edge or from just holding on. Polar bears also bring the animal wisdom of introspection, strength in the face of adversity and ancient wisdom

Recently, I had laryngitis. In fact, I’ve been sick off and on for over one month now. I picked up a cold during the yoga retreat I led in November. It was my largest retreat with over 30 participants. Leading that large of a retreat was a goal that I had. I envisioned it, and it happened. However, truthfully, having completed this goal, I did not feel content.

I realize that although my main reason for having this retreat was to share yogic wisdom so that others have more knowledge on ways to listen to and honor their bodies, I also had an underlying reason for having this retreat and that was to complete a goal and to prove something to myself.

When I admit that I was proving something to myself, I feel very empty inside. I feel drained. I feel like an empty tipped over cup of tea laying on it’s saucer.

Embracing the animal wisdom of the polar bear for strength in times of adversity…

Having had enough of being sick and feeling empty, I finally decided, well, I actually had no choice, but to cancel everything off of my schedule this week and to only work on necessities. Instead of a staycation, I too a sickation.

See, I have an underlying chronic health issue and I also have a very fiery personality that truly believes that I can do it ALL. Those two combinations can easily take me off of balance, if I do not continuously pay attention to not over do my life.

For the past few months, I was working on overdrive too often and now it has caught up with me.

As a Sacred Empowerment Mentor, it is important that I also have a mentor or a life coach of my own. It helps to keep me accountable and lifting my own energy so that I can contribute to others. I was speaking with my mentor earlier this week and she gave me the known analogy of you can’t give to others if your cup has runneth dry. The time to give is when our cups are so full and overflowing into the saucers!

So, as I am home/healing/working, I have been looking at this past year, and seeing where have I given too much of myself away, feeding others and not myself, where have I not stayed in accountability and also where can I release, let go, because I realize that I cannot do it all.

During this time, I’ve also been looking at 2018 and seeing where can I clean up, so that I can move in 2019 with clearer vision. What else just needs to fall from my schedule?

Through spending time in meditation with the animal wisdom of the Polar bear deep introspection has arisen.

The Polar bear represents purity. This bear is fearless. Divine Universal energy only flows when fear is absent! By connecting with this spirit animal, I begin to move through spiritual, mental and physical fears, so that I can realign with the Divine Universal energy and allow my cup to runneth over.

Through this process of connecting with ancient wisdom, I’ve gone deeper into self reflection, introspection and am developing longer meditations, a slower yet deeper home yoga practices and I am also developing a 40 Day Meditation/Active Prayer Practice for Prosperity and fulfilling our Divine Purpose. I am looking forward to sharing this with you once it is complete!!!

At this time, I am sharing with you a Winter Solstice Ritual for REBIRTH!

In order to be rebirthed, a part of us must die, death is a part transformation. All of life including us is beholding to these laws.

Items needed:

Clear an area so that you can sit in a decluttered space in darkness.

Begin by lighting your incense, sage or palo santo and cleanse your space and yourself with the rising smoke.

Light your candles

Turn the lights out

Sacred Pause – Spend a few minute with your Higher Power in gratitude and ask to connect to Divine Wisdom.

Journaling questions. Write these questions in your journal. Allow a sacred pause where you again connect with your Divine Wisdom and then free write. That means to write freely without judgement. Just let your thoughts flow…

Here you can drink your tea, but not all of it.

1) Where have you honored yourself this past year? How did that feel?

2) Where have you not honored yourself this past year? How did that feel?

3) What is holding you back?

4) What do you want to do but are afraid to do?

5) Where has your intuition been guiding you, but you have not followed?

6) What are the consequences for not following through on your intuition, for not believing in yourself?

7) How can you grow deeper in grace?

8) How can you rise in contribution?

On a seperate piece of paper from your journal write down what needs to be released so that you can grow deeper into honoring your inner voice and walk deeper in your sacredness?

Once finished, safely burn the piece of paper with the list with what you are releasing, take one bite of the cake/cookie and crumble the rest and leave outside for the Earth, also pour the remaining tea into the Earth as a gift to our Earth.

Take one more Sacred Pause with gratitude.

Make one commitment to yourself from now until the end of 2018. Example, end each night with three things that you are grateful for.

What has arisen for me from my time so far in hibernation, is that 2019 is a year of

Sacred Structure for Prosperity and Magic!

I choose to walk deeper in Sacredness realigning with my first priority which is my relationship with my Higher Power, my Source and that I access that by honoring ME.

In order to stand tall, shine brightly, share my gifts and serve others, I have to be in a wiser place of abundance,prosperity and magic that comes from honoring our descent.

The hardest lesson for me is to remember that descent is not to be avoided but embraced. Only from the descent, can we rise into our full powers of deepest wisdom, truth, love and light.

Winter Solstice Blessing by Parvati Victoria Goodwin

From the East, the winds send to me clarity and confidence to lift my soul.

From the South, fire ignites inside of solar plexus like sparkling coal.

From the West, water soothes my emotions so that I can spring forth like a new born foal.

From the North, earth provides the wisdom and abundance so I stand tall like a celestial pole.

From the heavens, the ethers provide the magic that forms all of the elements and an alchemy occurs. Jesus, the promised son and the Mother Goddess whisper to me to surrender to Divinity and always remember that I am already whole and they complete me.

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Wishing Winter Solstice Blessings to you and yours!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Intuitive Healer, Wiccan Christian Priestess, & Sacred Empowerment Mentor