Namaste Victoria,

Sometimes, my life can feel like a whirlwind, moving faster and faster, without much control BUT when I pause and take time for the practice of Ritual during phases of the moon, I stay connected to my life, my goals, and my purpose with conviction, ease and pleasure! Ritual is the practice of bringing the sacredness into ordinary life and lifting us from the mundane to the magical. Ritual is the practice of self care.

The October Moon is now in the Waning Crescent phase of the lunar cycle. When you look in the sky, you will see the Moon illuminating a crescent shape on the left side. The Moon’slight is diminishing each day until we reach the New Moon on October 27, or when the first Crescent is seen which is October 29-30.

Just as the Moon’s light is diminishing, waning, or letting go, this is an opportune time for us to LET GO too! Let go of drama, let go of whirlwinds, and focus on SELF CARE, refocus on YOU.

We are in the last quarter of 2019 with 67 days left in this year and DECADE! This thought led me to contemplate the goals I set for 2019. I looked closer at my dreams and vision boards, and realized there’s more I would I like to accomplish. I want to give this year and this decade my very best!

Sometimes, at this point in the year, we can think to let the rest of this year go and just start fresh next year. BUT…

So, I composed a simple yet powerful, Waning Moon Self Care Ritual to stay connected to life, your goals, and your purpose. This Ritual can be done anytime before October 27.

Lifting life from the mundane to the magical!

Let’s end this year by finding the magic within!

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Holistic Coach, Intuitive Healer & Yoga Teacher

P. S. Next week I will send out a New Moon Ritual to develop your Personal Mission Statement! Earlier this week, I completed a new one for myself. Here it is:

Parvati Victoria Goodwin’s Personal Mission Statement

Each day of my life is fueled by PASSION – PROSPERITY – PEACE. Using my natural gifts as a Wise, Intuitive Transformational Coach & Healer, I empower women to heal emotionally by guiding them to connect with the love, magic and resourcefulness inside of them. This transmutes into Sacred Empowerment. The Mother Goddess is my guide and I surrender to her highest truths of Love, Prosperity, Peace and Passion!

So Be It!