First Light in the Dark of Winter

We are halfway into the season of winter, a time the Celtics called Imbolc, and in our part of the world this is known as Ground Hog Day. The light of sunshine is upon us now with longer days and although we are going throug some intense winter weather, we also are beginning to feel the light, knowing that winter’s darkness is beginning to lose it’s grip.

At this time, the womb of our Earth Mother is quickening, making little movements similar to that of when an expectant mother feels her baby moving inside of her. We are at a time of rebirth, healing and the prepartory stages prior to new beginnings.

The direction of east, where the sun rises, is also associated with new beginnings. East is related to the element of air. In yoga, the Sanskrit word for the air we breath is PranaPrana is our life force energy and is healing.

Each inhale we take is an opportunity to breath in nourishment and each exhale is an opportunity to release toxins.

During this time of entering into new beginnings, rebirth, and healings, I am traveling to the East on a six week sadhanaSadhana is a Sanskrit word translated as on a pursuit of discipline with a spiritual goal.

During the first 17 days of my trip, I am honored to be leading three strong, curious, courageous women who are seekers of wisdom on their own sadhanaThey will be guided on a journey of healing and new beginnings to connect deeper to their innate wisdom through the practice of yoga, at the place where yoga was birthed from, the sacred womb of magical INDIA.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a book that was discovered over 2000 years ago. This book explains the practice of yoga and how to achieve ultimate freedom.

In the translation of the Yoga Sutras, titled, “The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada” by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, Sutra 1:36 states, “The state of consciousness free from sorrow and anguish and infused with inner light also anchors the mind to sthiti, the peaceful flow free from all thought constructs.” Patanjali describes that through an extensive, complete practice of sadhana, one can accomplish this blissful state of mind.

Patanjali further explains that inside of our energetic heart center, is a luminous lotus flower eminating the joyfulness and inner healing that we were each born with. By meditating on this center, we connect to the Divine Light of Consciousness and can transform darkness into radiance!

Here is a Lotus of the Heart Meditation which I have recorded. I hope that this meditation helps you to experience the healing luminous light within yourself!


Upon completion of leading this India yoga reterat, I am spending another week in India on the Sacred Ganges River, where I will spend my mornings listening to an enlightened master, Mooji speak (, and the afternoon and evenings practicing yoga on the banks of the Sacred Ganges River.

From India, I am flying to the healing, blissful, paradise island of Bali for another week of sadhana. Then, I am blessed with having my husband and daughter join me in Bali for the last two weeks of my journey!

While I’m away, Blissful Yoga will be managed by my daughter, Abigail Purcell with my husband assisting her. In addition, the amazing yoga teachers at Blissful Yoga are there to assist.

During my journey, I am available for Sacred Empowerment Mentoring and if Sacred Empowerment Mentoring has been ‘calling’ you, then I encourage you to schedule your complimentary Intro to Sacred Empowerment Mentoring session especially while I am in these magical places.

Click here to schedule a Complimentary Intro to Sacred Empowerment


On another note, I am very honored to announce that I have been asked to be the keynote speaker at Rowan University’s Yoga Symposium on

Friday, March 29!

Save the date!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again when I return in the season of the spring equinox, on March 22 and/or at Rowan’s Yoga Symposium on March 29!

Enjoy your last six weeks of winter!

Much Love and Magical Blessings!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Director of Blissful Yoga, Sacred Empowerment Mentor & Intuitive Healer

P.S. During this time while I’m in India and Bali, I am being called to offer a limited amount of Remote Intuitive Healings.

There are three different Intuitive Healings from which to choose.