April’s New Moon in Pisces is the first new moon of spring, making it a time to 

take action and spring forward!

This is a time to spring forward and take action but FIRST, take a sacred pause, through a 

Ritual for Reflection.

Recently while spending time with a beautiful soul friend that I have not seen in quite awhile, our conversation led to the realization that I needed to mourn the loss of a child I wanted but never conceived.

 For many years after my youngest was born, even though the circumstances never seemed to be “right,  I strongly felt that I would have another child.   Somehow it never happened, and I laid that vision to rest.  For me taking the time to reflect during this new moon energy is giving me the time to mourn that birth and assisting with the newest birth of me to emerge.

The invitation during this new moon, is to take time to reflect, think about what is not resolved in your life. This is a time of transition. What needs to be done to make changes, so that you can spring ahead into your new life. Is there a part of your past that needs to be honored?

A bright shiny new chapter is here, but it’s so new that it feels almost like a death is happening.

Just as spring is a time of newness with new life, this new moon is a time of saying, “Hello” to what’s opening in us.

It reminds me of giving birth to a child. For the past several months, what new life has been growing inside of you, kicking at times, making you feel beyond thrilled, but also uncomfortable sometimes, asking for different foods or different ways to be sustained?

Then once that baby, the new life is born, there’s a “goodbye” that happens to that woman we were prior to motherhood, or the man we were prior to fatherhood.  We honor the death of that maiden or younger man just as we honor the death of winter and welcome more life and color to decorate our world entering spring.

Pisces is the last of the Zodiac signs, so her energy, is compared to the last light that is guiding us home or OMmmmmmm, you know… to that beautiful vibration and energy you feel inside of you at the end of a yoga class when you chant, “Ommmmmm”?

This is a time of springing forward by taking any negative vibes and choosing to feel positive vibrations instead.

The key word here is to “feel”!  Choosing to feel differently!

By allowing the energy of our highest vibrations to guide us as we make a final decision to let go of what intuitively and instinctively truly doesn’t feel right and only view life as love.

Probably, you’re already in the midst of these decisions, and your world is magically opening but you still allow some doubt to linger…

Let’s stop that doubt.

Here, we look at what brings up resistance in our lives. What situations have we continued to be in, where despite resistance, we moved forward out of habit, social norm, or fear.

The new moon provides an opportunity to look at the cycles of our lives and see what was an illusion (probably a necessary illusion) that once reflected upon, can then provide us with the action to catapult us deeper into authenticity, deeper into living our best lives for us, for our families, for our communities and for our world.

It’s time that an OPEN HEART prevails. It’s true, open hearts are vulnerable and can be dangerous but, choosing to close the heart now is more dangerous.

We’ve come too far.



Here’s a Ritual for Reflection with the Goddess, Lady of Beasts!

(This can be done within three day prior or after the new moon.)

The Goddess, LADY OF BEASTS, was known to the people of Sumer, Crete, and the people of the Indus Valley (India).  Her workship predates writing, so she is a very wise Goddess and was known as the Cosmic Creatrix, the life giving force.

Lady of Beasts desires union in ways comfortable and appropriate. She births new ways of dancing in relationships whether with others or with self-talk.

Long piece of paper

Matches or lighter

Incense and holder

Candle and candle holder

Small bowl of water

Quartz, Rose or Green Crystal

For me, this ritual seemed to allow the energy that was lost on not having another child to be the fuel for a a new creation.

Cheers to a new moon and to loving life!
Much love and magical blessings,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

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