Upleveling in Universal Consciousness

March 2019!

Shakti – Uplevels Universal Consciousness

Happy Maha Shivrati 2019.

Maha Shivrati is the festival of the merging of Shiva and Parvati. In Hinduism, Shiva is the Divine Masculine energy and Parvati is the Divine Feminine energy of the Universe!

In the picture above I am standing in front of Shiva/Parvati or Ardhanarishvara, the deity that is both male god and female god.

Shiva is the Lord of concentration. He is purusha, the silent witness lost in contemplation. Shakti or Parvati is prakriti, the dynamic creative force of the universe. She is the Divine Mother that makes action.

Through our connection to the Divine Mother, Shakti energy rises and uplevels universal consciousness!

My spiritual name, Parvati is the personification of the supreme divine feminine energy. Parvati is Shiva’s eternal consort or husband. Parvati merged with Shiva represent the spiritual merging of our inner selves and our outer selves, our mortal selves with the divine. It also represents balancing the divine feminine energies in us with the divine masculine energies.

Parvati represents that within us which desires, loves, and also struggles. Parvati’s mission to merge with Shiva, is the same as one’s desire to reach God or to realization.

We are already one with the divine, but we live under a veil of illusion. Sometimes we can see between the veils and realize there is only love, and sometimes it’s too dark and fear comes in. The love story of how Parvati and Shiva became eternal cosmic lovers is the same story that each of us go through when we are on a spiritual journey to be at one with our higher power.

In 2018, I received this name Parvati from a Swami at a Sivananda Ashram in India. This is the same ashram from which Blissful Yoga’s India Retreat participants had the opportunity to visit. Our yoga retreat which ended on February 22, was truly a life changing experience in which we all focused on merging deeper with our spiritual selves.

During our India yoga retreat, we learned to follow our inner compass. We learned to choose faith and love and truth over and over again. We learned about persistence and that it works. We learned that we are in the flow of our highest destiny.

Whenever anyone travels with me, you must know that TRANSFORMATIONS will occur! I’m not talking small changes, oh no. Remember, that you are travling with a wildly crafted one and these spiritual retreats are full of magic! The Divine has bigger plans than we can ever possibly imagine.

So, if you’re called to go on a retreat with me or to work with me in

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring,

buckle up and REPEAT this affirmation, in fact this is our theme for March!

I am in the flow of my highest destiny!

Check out the pictures from our retreat!

See the crescent shaped moon over the Arabian Sea? It’s crescent shape is on the bottom instead of on the sides which is how we see it from the USA. This was a huge revelation for me. We get so set on seeing our world from a certain view point, when there are other ways to view our situations, lives and work! I mean for goodness sake, just look at the MOON!

Rickshaws are one way to travel in India. I love the bumpidy, bump and open air travels of rickshaws. Riding in one is both chaotic and refreshing!

The picture below is my favorite picture from this trip! These three women that ventured into India on Blissful Yoga’s Enter the Sacred Womb of India Yoga Retreat, Theresa-Radhe Parkhill, Elizabeth-Sita Rioux and Dina-Divya Pair are truly Indian Goddesses Warriors of Love!

I am truly humbled, honored and blessed to be a part of their lives and to have shared this experience with each of these remarkable souls!

We may look like that picture above on the outside, but on the inside we now look like this picture below:










Much love and magical blessings to each of you!!!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

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