July 2 New Moon Solar Eclipse

July ‘s New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse 3:16 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 2 is a magical time for new beginnings!!!

Recently, I was at the beach with my grandson and a little girl wanted to play with his toys but not share any of her toys. Her mom told me that her daughter can be bossy. I understood that and shared that my daughter was called bossy at a young age too and that I reframed it as “leadership skills”. 😉

Well, this little girl turned out to be quite bossy indeed!

She began taking one of my grandson’s toys and throwing into the ocean over and over again.

BUT, prior to her coming over to play with Michael’s toys, my grandson would not go close to the water. In fact he would run away from the water crying.

However, with this little three year old girl taking his toys, after at first crying about it, he then ended up chasing her and running in the water with her.

They were throwing little buckets of water on each other and played together for hours!

This Tuesday, July 2 is a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. New Moons are a time for new beginnings and when you add in a Solar Eclipse, extra magic is in the air. The energy may feel quite amplified. This is a time for new journeys into unmarked territories.

In a Solar Eclipse the moon is moving between the earth and the sun; therefore, the moon is blocking our light. Since we cannot see the light on the outside, we only have one place to go in search of light and that is deeper within.

This gives us a magical opportunity to look inside at our darkness or shadow aspects of ourselves with openness and curiosity.

As seekers of truth, love and light, as the healers of this planet, we are now creating new paths. The old paths no longer work. We know those old paths are no longer options. As we are creating new courses, making our way into unmarked territories, we have to search within for the next steps. We can use the tools of ritual including meditation, yoga, and the elements to guide us deeper into the highest versions of ourselves.

This new moon is in the watery, intuitive sign of cancer and invites us to look inside for answers…

Where we are procrastinating?

Where is there something that we have put on the back burner out of fear of the unknown?

Just like my little grandson, eventually found his way into the ocean through an unmarked territory,

this new moon energy invites us to surrender to the unknown and to show up fully as we currently ARE.

So, that means we don’t always have to show up perfectly! Maybe we show up sweaty, with messy hair, or crying because we feel someone took one of our ‘toys’!

Questions for you?

Did someone call you bossy?

Or call you too sensitive?

Or say you were out of your mind?

Or tell you, that you were selfish?

Or something else?

When those things happen, we can send part of ourselves elsewhere for safety, but we are no longer in unsafe areas. Correct?

In fact, what is the worst that can happen?

In order to move forward into our unique new paths of uncharted territories, we need to reclaim all parts of ourselves!!!

I will be hosting a Facebook Live event with a ritual to do just this on Tuesday, July 2 at 3:16 p.m. which is the time of the Solar Eclipse.

Please join me on Facebook Live for a New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual


If you can’t tune in at that time, it will be on Sacred Empowerment Mentoring’s Facebook page after 4:30 p.m.

If you would like the ritual in advance or to do on your own, please click thepicture below.

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Wishing you and yours many New Moon and Solar Eclipse magical blessings!!!

Blessed Be!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin,

Spiritual Life Mentor, Intuitive Healer & Advanced Yoga Teacher