Springing forward into May!

Wake up and smell the flowers

I hope that this email finds each of you healthy, peaceful and experiencing bliss as we witness nature birthing herself back into the lushness of warmer weather, greenery and the blossoming of flowers growing wild, beautiful and free!

Just as mother earth let go of winter and fully embraced the change of giving birth to a new season, how can we let go?

What are you currently struggling with? What would happen if you just … let it go?


Who are we if you let go of the struggle?

I decided to ‘let go’ of the struggle of how I’ve been running Blissful Yoga.

I’ve tried different ways to lead the studio and was blessed with magical, intelligent, and extremely proficient managers and assistants; however, in the end, it’s all about how I am leading and truthfully, I was struggling.

After having the amazing opportunity to travel internationally on Sadhana, (Sadhana is a spiritual retreat where I practiced a system of yogic disciplines daily), I began to look at my life from afar and allowed the realization to settle in that I was working hard and not gaining financial, mental or emotional well being in all areas of my life.

Some parts were flourishing, like Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, Teacher Trainings and Retreats, but the classes at the yoga studio were not.

And yet the classes, each student present and YOU are the HEART of Blissful Yoga.

After much prayer, meditation and truly surrendering, the idea of a Co-op came to me.

Yoga Sutra 1.23 states:


From trustful surrender to Ishvara (God), samadhi also comes.

Surrender is not something that happens in a day. Our minds cling to our ideas. As humans we naturally go against the grain of surrendering,

YET, to live life in Yoga is to be in union with the Divine.

“Surrender to God is not an option but an inescapable reality. It rises on the horizon of our consciousness as the result of our sadhana, impelling us to embrace it joyfully.” The Secret of the Yoga Sutra

– I’m hoping that each of you will also embrace the changes joyfully at Blissful Yoga.

What does a Co-op mean?

For students, it means that the schedule is changing slightly, that some new very experienced teachers are coming on board and that we will now have



DROP IN – $15


& Saturdays are Community Yoga at $5


Functioning as a Co-operational space is a profound opportunity for teachers to move into empowerment and “own” the space while owning and building their unique business and brand of yoga.

For instance, it becomes, “Mary’s Yoga” at Blissful Yoga!

I feel that this is an empowering move not only for the studio and the participating teachers but also for each of YOU!

When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

Once I surrendered, the evolution of the studio took a life of it’s own.




is flowing.

May we all continue to



Magical Blessings,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin