Namaste Dear Ones,

Popping in to wish you a Dark Moon full of extraordinaire blessings!

The strings of your heart chakra may be pulled today by this SuperMoon, if so fall inward. The Dark Moon is a time of yin, slowness, feminine and sensuality. It’s a time to nurture and LOVE YOURSELF with ABANDON!

How can you take time to rest and be in love with yourself??? Great night for journaling, snuggling with a cup of tea, a pet, a loved one, or just with YOURSELF!


Recently, I moved from Brigantine to a temporary cabin in a campground and now I am moved into a six month furnished rental in Cape May! I always wanted to live in Cape May, but truthfully, until now I didn’t think it was possible.

When we let light, love and energy guide the way, all is possible. In yoga, the Sanskrit name for this is ishvara pranidhana or surrendering to the higher power within one’s self. Surrendering to my higher power, that is within my heart, is a constant reminder for me to walk in sacredness on this life path.

Always learning and relearning.

Wylee says, “Hi!”, from the galley kitchen.

Get ready for the magical month of October’s Witchy New Moon, happening tomorrow, Saturday, October 17. On this day, the Moon moves into 1% illumination or when you get to see the first crescent light. As you fall inward and tune into your senses, allow your New Moon intention to form from this month’s past lessons.

Here’s to choosing more love, magic and epic adventures!

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Love & Magic,

Parvati Goodwin

Holistic Coach, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher,

& Wiccan High Priestess