October 12 – Waning Crescent

Illumination: 25%

Namaste Dear Ones!

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones, safe, happy and healthy! Just writing to share a positive story with you in hopes to shine some light your way!

Since Covid began, I made the commitment to not make any choices or new endeavors unless it was choice-less. So, if I was unsure about something or struggling with something, then I decided to let it go, to wait and see if it becomes choice-less. Making decisions that are choice-less is making the decision that feels like a hell YES! This is done by listening to what’s happening inside of me, listening to my intuition and following the energy.

I also began to connect deeply with one spiritual animal for a longer period of time and in September, I started the connection with the elephant’s spiritual message. The elephant has a deep connection to the divine feminine energy which is nurturance, profound love, caring, strength, and fortitude.

In the late summer, the plans began for my daughter’s baby shower began. One of the venues we visited was The Grove in Pittsgrove Township in Salem County.

The drive to this venue was a beautiful country view. This place is absolutely gorgeous. While on tour, I immediately felt this was the place where her shower would be held. Although, the price was almost twice as much as another location, and over our budget, I reminded myself that I did not have to know how everything would work out but that when I am following the light, that the energy and the light will guide the way. I do not need to know exactly how to get to the the finish line, that Spirit would take over.

On the drive home from that visit, I imagined how it would feel to have Abigail’s shower at this location. I imagined everyone drinking mimosas and having witchy fun, since Halloween was her theme! And, during the New Moon phase, I made a sweet intention to have the shower at this location if it was for the highest good of all.

In the end, everyone decided this was the best place to have the baby shower! We made small changes to the menu and upgraded our budget somewhat. This past Sunday, we had a beautiful event!!!

Here’s some pictures!

Cheers!!!! To mimosas, grandbabies, daughters, mothers and to following the energy!

Earlier today, the venue contacted me and because of miscommunication on the venue’s part, they actually refunded us some money, bringing the total back down to the original budget that we had presented to this venue! Coincidence??? Nah, I believe that coincidences are little kisses from God, or MAGIC!!!

So ,for some more Moon magic…tonight the Moon is in the Waning phase, her light is getting less and less until the Witch’s New Moon on Saturday, October 18. To align with this phase of the Moon, sit back, reflect and relax! Take time to contemplate the past month. What lessons have you learned? What felt good? What felt not good? Then, lean more into what feels good!

Blessed be,


Holistic Mentor, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher &

Wiccan High Priestess