Balsamic Moon

Dark Moon Phase

January 22 – Illumination: 6%

We are in the Balsamic Moon phase which is entering the dark phase of the moon and the end of the lunar cycle. The dark phase of the moon is when the light is waning or lessening until we are no longer able to see the moon’s light.

During this time, we are coming to the end of a lunar cycle. Astrologically, the configuration of the Balsamic Moon is said to be in a very crucial position for decisions and actions for destinies. It’s also a time to pay close attention to what is happening on earth or and in your life.

The word balsam represents healing and soothing. So, from now until Sunday, January 26, (which is the first day we will see the light of the New Moon), you have permission to focus on healing and soothing your precious heart! Besides, making crucial decisions are always best when done from the heart.

So during this dark moon phase, think about soothing activities. Take time to slow down and heal while consciously looking at what’s happening in our lives. Since this time is related to our destiny, a dark moon ritual to glance into the future, may be what’s perfectly in order for you.

This is a time to in particular to honor our darkness, or shadow self, as well as, our light. It’s a time to honor the dark goddess. She is the goddess that sees all of you, even what you’re hiding. She unconditionally loves every part of you! Some examples of the dark goddess are The Morrigan, Hecate, Brigid, and Kali Ma.

The Morrigan



Kali Ma

So grab your journals, light a candle, choose an image of a dark goddess to reflect upon, snuggle under a blanket and ask questions about the future. Like, what type of person do I see myself as today, tomorrow, in 2020, and in 2025? What shadow aspects or darker aspects of myself am I hiding from that is limiting me from moving forward?

Uncovering shadows is my specialty. It’s something that comes natural to me and it is a huge part of my sacred mentoring course titled, Journey of the Chakras, Journey of the Soul, which is a seven, ten or fourteen month revoluationary program.

This is my work. This is the magic elixir that I am able to share with others. In this darkness that most are hiding from, lies beautiful gems waiting to be uncovered.

Once a light is shined into this darkness, it illuminates the other side of your power. If you feel you are ready to face your shadows, heal your past, and activate the deep wisdom inside of you for clarity, peace and confidence to move forward with your dreams, then schedule your complimentary Discovery session with me today by clicking the link below in this email or by responding to this email.

Below is a review from a recent participant of my ten month Journey of the Chakras course.

“Working with you has given me more clarity and a focused direction on where I could grow individually and in my business/professional life. I truly felt like I was lost in my mind before we began our empowerment mentoring. I was constantly searching for where to go next. Once we spent time together, diving deeper into realignment and using the chakra balancing to enhance my clarity with your practices, I was able to move past self limiting beliefs, create more balance and enhance my overall happiness. In the course, I love that you had me DO THE WORK, but supported me every step of the way. Being guided to my truth was amazing! It was priceless and the most transformational 10 months!!”

For me 2020, has brought forth clarity to move forward with situations in my life that I was previously not fully facing. They were more subconscious, things I wasn’t particular ready to address because quite frankly, I wasn’t sure how to move forward nor was I emotionally ready. But I realized that endings can be beautiful. Let’s end wars; Let’s love ourselves.

Here’s a beautiful song to listen to while you dance under the Balsamic Moon with your heart chakra.

Click the link below to listen to Karen Drucker’s song, Gentle With Myself


Learning that endings can be beautiful, opens us to a new moon on Sunday. The first light of the crescent moon on Sunday brings opportunity to plant seeds of new beginnings, once again.

With Love and Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Holistic Coach, Reiki Therapist, and Yoga Teacher


Song of the Month

Gentle With Myself

Karen Drucker – The Heart of Healing

I will be gentle with myself

I will be gentle with myself

And I will hold myself like a newborn baby child

I will be tender with my heart

I will be tender with my heart

And I will hold my heart like a newborn baby child

And I will only go as fast

As the slowest part of me feels safe to go

I will be easy on myself

I will be easy on myself

And I love myself like a new born baby child

And I will only go as fast

As the slowest part of me feels safe to go

I am gentle with myself

I am gentle with myself

And I hold myself like a new born baby child

And I rock myself like a newborn baby child

And I hold myself like a newborn baby child

And I love myself like a newborn baby child

Chakra Balancing

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