Heart Chakra Illumination during the Waxing Crescent Moon

January 29 – Illumination: 27%

Namaste Dear Ones!

The Moon is now in the first stage after the New Moon. Did you set any intentions for the New Moon? If so, now is the time to project your intentions into the cosmos! Spend time going into your heart space, the Anahata Chakra and connect with the feeling of already having your desired new moon intention! Then bring your awareness from your heart into your mind’s eye and experiment with visualization practices.

For example, if you set an intention to have a new job. Imagine that you are already working in your ideal place. Spend time in the feeling state of this new position. Imagine how it feels to walk into the building. What does it look like? How does the energy feel? Stay connected to the feeling state that you wish to manifest.

Keep positive! Remember to connect to your faith and trust that your ideal new employment is already here! It’s like, say you booked a vacation. You already have the dates set, it’s paid for, and now you’re just waiting to go on your trip. If it’s a trip to Europe, imagine how it feels to walk the streets of ancient cities and explore museums or eat in an outdoor cafe in Paris.

My theme for 2020 is a daily connection to my heart! I’ve been imagining my heart with wings and soaring through all of my chakras, while spreading love.

Earlier this week, while driving home from an appointment, I saw a bald eagle in Salem County. I pulled over and took some pictures!

Then I drove a few more miles and saw TWO more EAGLES!!!. In 1973, there was only one nesting pair of eagles in New Jersey. Today there are over 150 eagles in New Jersey.

The bald eagle has been a symbol of illumination and spiritual power throughout history. When you connect with the animal medicine of the bald eagle, it brings the spiritual message that events will begin to fly quicker. Remember to soar above the cloudy situations and focus on heightened possibilities. New dimensions are opening. The eagle also brings a message about karma…everything we say and do as, well as, as well as what we don’t speak up about or don’t do, has stronger consequences at this time.

Click the picture below to listen to a

Heart – Air – Eagle


There is no need to know every step of your journey. Just trust enough to figure out the details as you go. We did not learn to ride a bike by thinking of how to do it. We learned to ride a bike by doing it.

Keep on dreaming and keep on soaring! It’s like the little engine that could. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!

When we can truly love and accept ourselves, our lives flourish. Working with the heart chakra orĀ Anahata (Sanskrit) chakra is the bridge from living life fully in this physical world to and also living life in the spiritual world. Here we acknowledge there’s much in our worlds that we cannnot see. The heart chakra is where our wings expand and we connect with our higher self because we realize divine consciousness is who we are.

If you would like to learn more about accessing your heart through life coaching, Reiki and yoga, simply reply to this email.

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Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Life Coach, Reiki Therapist & Yoga Teacher