January’s Wolf Moon & Lunar Eclipse Brings More Changes

Change, really? More change??? Well…


The first full moon of 2020 happened this morning, Friday, January 10 at 8:21 a.m. EST. Full moons illuminate our emotions and eclipses are known for bringing forth big changes.

January’s full moon is called a Wolf Moon because the hungry wolves in certain parts of the northern hemisphere can be heard howling this time of the year.

What change is your soul howling for?

Maybe we’ve kept some thoughts and ideas hidden. The light of the full moon combined with the force of the lunar eclipse will expose what’s been hiding in the shadows.

Earlier today, I found my self howling for some answers. My theme for 2020 is to see through my heart space for clarity. So, I took time to pause and I did a full moon Gratitude Ritual to illuminate my path. I lit candles, called in angels, spirit guides and the Divine Mother. Then I meditated on 2019 by looking at last year through my heart chakra.

This is what I found:

Since full moons are a time to release, I wrote down what I was releasing, which was a shield of protection around my heart that was just squeezing it too tightly.

If you’re howling for some answers, I invite you to come into a sacred pause, and listen to your heart. Our hearts hold the key to finding balance, as well as. what our souls are calling for.

There’s so much change happening, so many differernt things being offered to us, including mystical offerings and gifts.

Know that the small step or two, we are taking forward now, will bring us forward with leaps and bounds in the near future. You may also intuitivly feel that you can no longer deny what your soul is howling for.

Last year, my soul went through a death and rebirth, and I feel I’m being asked to go even deeper.

Death is the moment when we let go of the past and embrace the future. We cannot succeed without being willing to fail.

The word, transformation seems to be everywhere nowadays. But what does it truly mean? When it comes to doing any work with me, one thing you can be sure of is it will be a revolutionary transformation. Afterwards, you may like me or not. But that’s actually none of my business.

Ask anyone whos’ worked with me in mentoring, yoga classes, trainings, or retreats and they will tell you that, you will threw out old ‘gook’ that’s was gathering inside of you. That you’ll release shitty old stories. AND, you will find out how absolutely STRONG you are. You’ll overcome fear and conquer some amazing dreams. You will feel magic in your veins.

On January 1, 2020, I moved to a space in Pitman to offer

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring which includes –

Holistic Life Coaching – Private and Group

Chakra Balancing Sessions – Reiki Therapy

Wicca Studies

Meditation & Private Yoga

I also look forward to reaching larger groups of people through sharing retreats and ceremonial workshops, as well as, sharing on my monthly blog talk radio show at News for the Soul.

Wishing you a magical full moon weekend.

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring

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