Namaste Dear Ones!

As the moon’s light grows, so do our intentions and desires. Sometimes, it may feel like nothing is happening or that maybe the new intention is dying, BUT please keep positive!

On Sunday, I was walking on the beach and found a butterfly that looked dead. It was whole but wet and stuck in the sand. I picked it up and placed it down in dryer sand.

Even though it looked lifeless, I thought there was hope; however, not on the cold, wet beach. Since sunset was approaching, I picked it up, placed it in between two clam shells to keep it warm, and brought it home.

Once home, I placed it in a seashell and let it sit. Then, I added a tiny bit of water in the seashell. I lit a Saint Anthony candle. I walked away and came back and this butterfly was about to take flight! I took the butterfly outside before one of my animals got to it!

Just like this butterfly, that appeared lifeless, and then with some care and attention, it came back to life, so may our intentions and desires. Keep positive. What can you do today to help bring your intention or desires into fruition?

Butterflies have spiritual messages. In Christianity, butterflies represent resurrection. Around the world, they represent deep and profound aspects of life. In general, butterflies bring the spiritual message of hope, life, transformation, and of spreading our wings and becoming our true selves. 🦋 I feel 2020, is a time when we are all transforming like butterflies.🦋

Wishing you and your family warm and safe quarantine blessings.

Love and Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Healer & Wiccan Christian High Priestess