Happy First Quarter Moon Day,

You can see this phase of the Moon after the sun sets in the west. It is now half way illuminated on the right side. It’s been one week since the New Moon and the Full Moon will be next Thursday, May 7.

As we move forward contemplating our intentions/moon wishes, those we have for our planet, fellow women and men, as well as, ourselves, now is the time to continue to make actions towards that goal or wish.

Yesterday, I wrote about looking into the past for lessons on how to move forward today.

For me, while cleaning my office space, yet again, I found a book my uncle, Santos Delgado Solis, wrote about my grandparent’s relationship which lasted in love for over 53 years. My grandparents were referred to as Jibaro’s, a word used to refer to the mountain people, who lived “in-land” in the heart of the island, and are the backbone of the Puerto Rican culture. My grandfather’s family are from Spain. My grandmother’s family are Taino Indians.

Here’s an excerpt from the book titled, The Last Palm Tree.

My father fell in love at first sight and my mother seeing him a white man with green eyes and dark jet hair liked him from the beginning (My grandmother, a Taino Indian, had a dark complexion.) After asking her parents permission, he started courting her, sending letters to her though one of her friends.

Love has a way with young people, my father used to say. No one can interfere if you want to see that special person. There is always a way and sooner or later they will find the way to come together. Those long letters my father used to write kept my mother very happy and she would long for the next one. However, when they were alone she would hardly say anything. My father would tell her poems and would sing to her and she loved the moments they spent together.

My grandmother, Isabel Delgado-Solis

I love this book. It definitely has a machismo flare. If one of my aunts had written it, I believe it would have been portrayed slightly differently. Nevertheless, that I believe, is the story of life.

Artist’s Rendition of a Jibaro

My grandparents love led to marriage and brought eleven children into this world, with one still birth. As I read this story of my grandparents from 1936, I wonder what lesson is in here for me in regards to my New Moon intentions. I believe LOVE is the answer.

Love prevails. As an individual, family, community, country, continent, planet, love prevails all else. Love is the realm of our heart chakras. The healing of our planet, communities and ourselves continues to be my moon intention. Therefore, inner healing prevails by going deeper into self love and acceptance.

Question for you….What’s happening in your mind right now in regards to the thoughts you are telling yourself? If it’s something positive, BRAVO! Keep that up!!!!!!!

If it’s something detrimental or negative, how can you pause, breath and allow the space of self acceptance to enter your heart.

Personally, when I pause and allow the sacredness of self acceptance to enter, I feel held and I feel love.

Connecting with your family’s roots, brings gifts.

How can you connect with your own family’s roots for guidance as you make steps forward with your intentions and goals? Some ways to do this are to look at old pictures, maybe there’s old letters, or maybe even a book. Or hey, maybe it’s time for you to write your book!

There’s a lot of beauty, depth and magic in our history. What gifts are awaiting you?

Wishing you and your loved ones a tantalizing Thursday!

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Healer & Wiccan Christian High Priestess

Here’s a beautiful song about the mountain people of Puerto Rico, the Jibaros.

Click the picture below to watch/listen on YouTube to

Lamento Borincano by Chavela Vargas


He leaves, crazy with contentment

With its cargo for the city, alas, for the city

He carries in his mind a whole world came from happiness,

Oh, of happiness.

Think of remedying the situation

From your home, which is all your illusion, yes.

How happy the jibarito is saying like this, thinking like this, singing like this along the way.

If I sell the garga my dear god, I will buy a suit for my old lady.

How happy your mare will also sense that her singing is a hymn of joy,

In that daylight surprises him and they arrive at the city market.

The whole morning passes, without anyone wanting to buy their cargo, oh, their cargo to buy.

Everything, everything is desert and the town is dead of need,

Oh, of necessity.

The laments are heard everywhere, of their unfortunate borinques, yes.

How sad the jibarillo