Namaste Beautiful Ones,

How are things for you in our world?

When we tunes into our bodies through the chakra systems and the medicine of the phases of the moon, we learn to develop our intuition or our internal compass.

As for the moon, today is a waxing crescent lunar phase. During this time, we can help the manifestation of your new moon intention by envisioning the final outcome of your objective as complete. Then tune into that feeling state by taking time throughout the day, as your washing your hands, cooking meals, walking or other activities, and imagining what your intention will feel like, once it’s accomplished.

Secondly, this is a time of action, which is the aspect of the solar plexus chakra or Manipura in Sanskrit. Here we are asked to do an action that is related to building and accomplishing our new moon intention or mission. What’s one thing you can do…make a phone call, research, forage your home for supplies, pray, etc.

My new moon intention included global peace, as well as, personal peace. So, each day I ask for inner guidance on what is my part in renewing our planet with global peace..

Below is my morning practice which I’m sharing with you. It is a tool to assist with keeping centered and grounded while living in these changing, challenging times.

As I wake up each morning, my first thought is, “Where are you God/Goddess? Then I realize that He/She is with me and in me.”

Next, I have been answering 3 questions. which is a journal practice that helps to set one’s day:

1) Who do I want to be today?

2) What do I want to receive today?

3) What do I want to give today?

Today my answers were:

1) Today I want to be grateful, productive, creative and disciplined.

2) Today, I wish to receive love and peace. I wish for my body and my home to be a place that is firmly grounded in balance, love and peace.

3) Today, I wish to give love and empowerment.

May we awaken globally to peace for all beings for we are the guardians of earth. Wishing you a peaceful day.

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Holistic Life Coach, Healer & Yoga Teacher