May 8 – Full Moon Energy

Illumination 98%

Namaste Beautiful Ones!

May’s Flowering Full Moon arrived at 6:45 a.m. yesterday and it’s in the sign of Scorpio. This is a time of blossoming and flourishing! As we look around, we see the beauty of new life and the embodiment of spring. There’s so much magical abound and May is a month of miracles, especially with the divine feminine energy of Mother’s Day this weekend!

Since this Full Moon was in the sign of Scorpio, you may have received a surprising sting or two. Scorpion energy is quite magical! Usually the sting from a Full Moon in Scorpio is something that you may have been slightly aware of but it was hiding in your unconscious. Consciousness is the highest vibration and the highest paid frequency, so that Scorpion sting is actually a magical gift!

This phase of the Moon shines bright light on our emotional realm. There may have been lots of crying happening and know that when you cry, you invite spirit right in to be with you! The wisdom of watery tears allows our spirits to cleanse and renew. Tears allow you to release and that is exactly what the Moon’s phase asks us to do, release what is not serving us so that we can receive what does serve our highest good.

This Supermoon is all about blossoming into your highest self and connecting with the God/Goddess inside of you. We are at a time of awakening and it’s super important to realize that we are creating heaven right here on earth.

If you would like to receive a Full Moon Energy/Mother’s Day ritual for INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION AND STELLAR VIBRATIONS, please respond to this email and I will send one out for you.

Hold on to the vision of your intentions, because now is the time that we collect those intentions, which you may have already received or they may be arriving shortly!

Love and Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher

& Wiccan High Priestess