May 29 – Waxing Crescent to First Quarter Moon

Illumination: 50%

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation Weekend

Namaste Beautiful Ones,

As a holistic coach, I am passionate about chakras, the Moon and accessing the divinity within for empowerment and unlimited potential.

In Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, I empower others to

These attunements will enable you to access inner:

– Clarity, Confidence and Soul Wisdom.

Below is this weekend’s Moon, Chakra and Goddess Forecast-As our world is transitioning. Many people say they’re ready for things to return to the way they were, but when we tune within, we realize that things will never be as they were prior to this pandemic. We are at a time of a huge shift. Earth is ascending into balance and so is humanity. This weekend, the ugly truth of racism is in the forefront. As Earth moves into balance, untruths rise for all to witness, for transformation for peace, love and equality for all.Tuning into the cycles of the Moon, nature, your body and higher beings that are here to help everyone, such as angels, spirit guides, saints, ascended masters, gods and goddesses and of course GOD within you, will guide you to your inner compass for directions. We are each learning to fully trust ourselves and as yoga philosophy teaches, the Jivatman, or our higher power, that resides within leads the way to living heaven on earth. The wisdom or higher consciousness that guides us can be Jesus, Buddha, Durga from Hinduism, Diana from Wicca or something else that is entirely perfect for you!

The Moon Tonight is moving into the First Quarter Moon and will be at 50% illumination at 11:29 pm this evening. The First Quarter Moon Phase or Half Moon, will be in balance of 50% dark and 50% light, with the light half on the right side.The moon is growing or waxing! As the moon is growing or waxing, this is a time for realigning with your goals, dreams, or new moon intentions.So, are you aligned with your intentions, or are you allowing them to take a place back stage? Are you moving into fear, just goofing off, or possibly changing your mind? Tonight’s point in the moon’s cycle may illuminates challenges. You may be tested here, you may decide to re-access and make plans accordingly as you move forward with your intentions for this moon’s cycle. 

As for chakras and your emotions during this phase, this weekend’s Moon influences the solar plexus chakra. In Sanskrit, this is the manipura chakra. Manipura means “city of gems”. This is the fiery center in our bodies, the place that activates our internal will power and our personal power center! There is said to be a luminescent brilliant diamond here! If this chakra is balanced, you will feel confident. However, if this center is out of balance, your emotions will be too.There’s a couple of ways the imbalance can go:

1) If this center is too fired up, (which can happen often with masculine energy, but women do it too) let’s just say, watch out for Trump this weekend because this is the BIG EGO center. And, I believe everyone would agree, he has a big ego. So, people who are overly focused on their own ego, will attempt to cover up shameful emotions with aggressive behavior such as domination and control. Being constantly active and scattered is also associated with an over active fiery center.

2) The other way this emotional imbalance can be is, not enough fire. A depleted fire center, will feel like low self esteem, fearful and sluggish or passive energy.It’s really important and so beautiful to live life in balance by tuning into the body, the chakras, and the Moon.The solar plexus or manipura chakra governs and influences the — intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder, stomach, and upper spine. These organs could use some extra care now, so possibly refraining from alcohol, drinking digestive teas or extra water. Tuning within for guidance will give you some ideas. This fiery center also regulates your metabolism.Sometimes diamonds needs to be cleaned and shined. Just like we have to clean our environments, we have to polish and clean our insides too, and there’s different practices to do that consisting of breath work, yogic postures, chanting/singing, rituals, and more!The element of fire cleans and transforms. Did any one see Little Fires Everywhere? That’s the stuff I’ve been teaching about elements for years! Anyway, fire cleans and transforms. (Side note, one of my favorite lines was, “Put the fucking Keds on now!”) 😉

The word for fire in Sanskrit is agni. When we light our internal agni, we clean away what is no longer true! Isn’t that a metaphor for what’s happening on our planet and to humankind. Untruths are being exposed, like racism and inequality.

So that makes this an ideal weekend to get some CLEANING DONE both inside and out!!!! 

Pump up the music and get moving…the seed (bija) mantra to activate the solar plexus chakra is RAM. You can repeat RAM over and over and an awesome song is Rama Bolo by Ben Leinbach and Jai Uttal,which means making the impossible possible!

This weekend as the Moon is half dark and half light, it reminds us of balance…with all of the changes happening in this epidemic, there’s darkness, but the light is more powerful!


Wishing each of you a blessed safe and fun weekend as you balance your chakras and balance your light.

My job as a holistic coach is to hold space for you as you awaken your inner healer!

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Thank you for your time and have a fabulous weekend!

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Holistic Coach, Intuitive Healer, & Yoga Teacher