Full Moon Blessings Beautiful Ones!

This Strawberry Full Moon weekend is a time to CELEBRATE! At the full phase of the moon, it’s a time to receive BLESSINGS and then we give back to this vast magical universe by RELEASING. Releasing can be something in the form of doubt or fear, or maybe it’s a good thing you want to release.

The Full Moon is representative of the mother giving birth!

This Strawberry Full Moon also has a penumbral lunar eclipse which is a subtle lunar eclipse. It was not available in North America to see but was visible for observers in the Southern Hemisphere.

A penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon enters the outer portion of the Earth’s shadow, known as the penumbra. With a penumbral eclipse, the Moon appears slightly darker and brownish. The covering of the Earth’s shadow is representative of the uncovering of something in our own shadowy realm which will become visible to us this weekend, if it has not already happend.

We are in the eclipse season! This is the first of three eclipse. There will be two more, one on the New Moon in two weeks and one on July’s Full Moon in 29.5 days! Eclipse are a time of revolutionary change! We are moving deeper into the awakened world of 2020, seeing earth, humanity and all brothers and sisters as one.

As for chakras and your emotions in regards to this weekend’s Moon, we are now in the sacral chakra or the Svadhisthana in Sanskrit which means seat where the soul abides. This is the watery realm of emotions. This sacral chakra is the sexual, sensual, watery realm of pleasure, feelings, desires, emotions and gratification. After this past week of living in the fiery realm of destruction and chaos which was activated to destroy RACISM,  some soothing waters will help with flowing through these unprecedented times.

There are so many feelings to process and this eclipse season will help. This weekend is just the beginning for learning how to navigate our New Awakened World as bigger changes come to embrace us.

In our new world, there is no room for hideous judgements and horrific atrocities, as we expand our consciousness as spiritual beings walking in human bodies on our magical planet of earth. Earth is our ally and not a resource.

This weekend’s Strawberry Moon energy influences your hips, thighs, lower back and liver, so be gentle with those soft spots in your body. The sacral/svadhisthana chakra is the essence of sweetness and is to be nourished. So nourish and have fun! I hope you are able to release emotions from the past week in a balanced way. Celebrate! Then choose something to RELEASE!

Maybe you light a fire and imagine racism magically erased.

For me, I am supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to announce that I am releasing eight new Witches-Wise Intuitive Transformational Conscious Healers of Love into this new awakend world this Full Moon weekend!

Woo hoo! On Sunday, five graduates have studied with me for over a year and are being initiated into their Wiccan Priestess Year and a Day!

And today, there are three graduates who got witchy with me this winter and are graduating from the thirteen week WITCH School program. I’m absolutely exuberant to say that this group includes a 13 year old and her mama! Cheers to strong, active, feminine women!

I was sharing with someone recently that I love yoga, yoga philosophy, Christ consciousness and WICCA. The practice of Wicca has continuously taken me deeper into showing up fully in love, service and commitment to myself, my community, the planet and the universe. This path has taken me deeper into into humbleness, peace and the truth of who I am.

Sending a BIG thank you to each and every one who has allowed me to teach them and to who will allow me to teach in the future; for my students are my greatest teachers.

Wishing you a magical, safe and celebratory Full Moon weekend! Hopefully, you get to eat some strawberries too!

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT

Holistic Coach, Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher

& Wiccan High Priestess



If so, the Untamed Priestess Program is now available. This is NOT not Wicca training but IS highly magical!

And, if you are interested in Wicca training, that is an option as well.