Namaste Beautiful One!

Happy Sunday and happy half moon day! The Last Quarter Moon is a time to review your goals and intentions. Are they in alignment? Are these goals and intentions still what you desire? Do they need to be tweaked or reassessed?

Then as the Moon is waning or getting smaller and ready for next week’s New Moon, it is a time for us to RELEASE.

What wants to gooooo goooo goooo far away? What is ready to leave? What have you been hanging on to that you thought was good or maybe even already released but is now back here to show you that in order for you to move forward, you have to close a door?

The Moon today is guiding your emotions to DO IT! Do something with passion. The Moon’s emotional energy is fueling your center of personal strength and self esteem, but hold on…make sure you take the time to truly be with what you want to do and then make actions that are in alignment and in love.

Personally, today is my one-year anniversary of being thrown from a horse and almost dying.

I had a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. About 35% of people immediately die from this. Another 15% die a week or so later.

I also had a broken leg and two breaks in my hand.

Warrior Princess by Nikita Gill

If fairytales are real,

then she is the kind of princess

no prince or king could ever handle.

She was not made

for ballgowns and parties,

but for battlefields and saddles.

So many angels, faeries, Gods & Goddesses abound. And the Blessed Mother and Father who held me in their arms and guided me through these unimaginable times.

Some Hard Truths…

-Oprah has a quote, “Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

-There was a handful of people that got in that broken bus with me. Ironically, they were not the ones that I thought were my closest friends. Since then, I have forgiven many. I realize that most only ‘see’ certain things.


Earth Angels…

-Thank you to these Goddesses with loving angel wings that are so vast; Abigail Elizabeth, Maria Skupejko, Connie Licciardello, Nichol Bradley, Deidra Solis, & Janet Laufenberg, who took turns to love me and nudge me until I did every last thing medically to honor my physical, emotional and mental self!!!!!

-Thank you to the warrior angels who drove me to doctors and to the yoga studio!!!! John Goodwin, Jean Froese, Barbara Rippert, Denise Ashcraft, Dorothy Swartz and others!

-Thank you to John Goodwin for taking care of me.

-So much love and gratitude to the ones I was teaching and mentoring during this time and who lifted me in extraordinary ways; my AMAZING yoga teacher trainees, my MAGICAL Wiccan groups and my PHENOMINAL mentoring clients-who received so much more than they bargained for!

-Thank you to the many, many, many loved ones that held space for me to heal from afar that I have not mentioned here.

-Thank you to the ones who got “in” because they wanted to take something from me. I let them in because I was weary, tired and looking for connection, and after all, even though I was thoroughly depleted, my soul is always healer, and that is what I do, so yes, even those deserve so much love and gratitude,because we are in this game together.

I went through six dark months of not speaking well with my brain suddenly stopping and turning into a jumble, mumble of complexities. This time was full of feeling disorganized, scattered, making major “mistakes” at work which actually turned out to be blessings in disguise, bothered by noises, frequent headaches, feeling empty inside, experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome, sleep walking, intense emotions making me physically sick, and overdeveloped empathy.

-Thank you to a phenomenal neuro psychologist at Jefferson, where I spent seven hours of brain testing to see if my brain was ‘normal’, although anyone who knows me knows that ‘normal’ is not any part of me. His findings…my brain is ‘intact’! He called me a courageous woman and referred to me as an ‘outlier’, “a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set, someone who doesn’t fit into our normal understandings, someone who is seen as ‘markedly’ different” from the book, OUTLIER.

As an outlier, I suppose I always feel like I’m on the outside of society. I don’t feel like I fit into any mold, and then I meet some others who are similar in some ways and oh, how blessed and magical that feels!

-Thankful for the deeper opening of psychic senses that occurred because of this shift

-Thankful for new friends and mentors.

In one year, I’ve gone from almost dying to living and seeing in ways beyond this physical world. For that I am so grateful. I have released the physical establishment of owning a yoga studio, experienced deep healing, became a Wiccan High Priestess, lost my brother and second sibling to overdose, going through a divorce, navigating 2020, and moved to the beach, a place I have dreamed of for lifetimes.

Pursuit…I have always been a daydreamer, in pursuit of life’s deeper meanings. Well, now, I am relearning to just be, accept, love and commit to me while living heaven on earth and choosing epic adventures in love.

Covid19 and 2020 has taken each of us into journeys we never knew were fathomable. I believe these lessons are teaching us to surrender to the truth that even with all of our differences, we are ONE.

Love is the answer. It is time for us to awaken. This is our life right here, right now! If there is something nudging you, DO IT!!!! We are here to support one another!

I wish each of you so much love and magic! Blessed be…Parvati

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Holistic Coach & Healer