Namaste and Blessed be!

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and well on this last day of July! The Moon is at 89% illumination today and getting ready to shine in all her glory for the Sturgeon Full Moon on Monday! As the Moon is about to give birth into her fullness, it’s the perfect time to announce my new signature course and mystery school,

The Untamable Priestess Program!

This is a 12 month course and we journey through your chakras, as well as, the phases of the moon, and into the indigenous and Ayurvedic and magical teachings of the elements; earth, air, water, fire and spirit!

From personal experience, this deep inner work, truly brings profound light and love into your body and into your life! We are moving into being realized! That means living each moment in allowing, and not in fear.

Through this process, change will happen. You learn to accept yourself, love yourself and commit to yourself!

Offering wings to the awakened world! —-

Below is the information on this new course…

Untamable Priestess Program

A Mystery School

Journey through your chakras and your Spirit to reclaim lost parts of your soul! Go on a powerful pilgrimage of sacred self discovery!

Stop living your life to please others!

Trust your intuition

Confront what was stolen from you

Reclaim your sacredness

Develop your psychic skills

Deepen your spirituality

Conquer Dreams

UNTAME the secrets within

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring will help you unlock potential you never knew existed in you. Whether your intention is to deeply know every part of you, or find your soul’s purpose, or transform and heal your body, mind and spirit, these answers can be accessed by connecting to the untamed sacred woman inside of you that society has tried to keep hidden in darkness. Journey through that darkness and into your full brilliant diamond essence self!

This is a pilgrimage into your power of sacred self discovery! Unleash your untamed soul. Reclaim lost parts of your spirit! Lasting change takes time! Invest in yourself for a year! It takes us over 20 times to learn something new.

Journey through your chakras, connect with the moon and all her phases, expand your spirit and humanness through nature and deep understanding and connection to sacred spirit guides, develop your natural psychic abilities in a safe, sacred space, heal darkness AND allow transformation from your heart to expose inner self luminosity!

S H I N E!

Trust your intuition – Stop handing your power over to others – Uncover hidden jewels – unlock the secrets within you to


 Through this process you’ll unlock potential you never knew existed in you.

This is a sensuous and rich path including deeper connection to divinity. As a magical conscious healer, I guide you into your creativity and into your power. It’s time for all of us to move into living heaven on earth, right here and right now. Embrace ourselves fully, which means the dark and the light, the yin and the yang. LOVE ALL OF YOU!

Our world, our earth, our cosmos is calling for each of us to take personal responsibility and accountability. Know the truth that divine guidance is loving and supportive! That everything happening in our lives is happening for us.

The Universe has your back and you can trust yourself!

This is your birthright as a human being

and as a sacred woman!

– Life Coaching Mystery School with Intuitive Healing & Chakra Balancing

– 29 life coaching sessions (meeting 2-3 times a month)

– PRIESTESS GRADUATION/INITIATION through a Medicine Wheel Nature Ceremony

– 7 Chakra Modules

– Chakra Yoga Modules

– the BARE System- becoming a bad assed renegade engaged (I am a certified life coach in this phenomenal system)

– Elemental Wisdom: earth, air, fire, water and ether

– Finding Your True North – relating with the 4 Directions

– 4 Initiations with the 4 Archangels-Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, & Uriel

– Connect with your spirit guides

– Moon Medicine by connecting with the phases of the Moon

– Welcome Surprise Gift snail mailed to your home

– Graduation Gifts

– And much more!

INVESTMENT : Originally $4949 – now offering a steep Covid Discount of $1000

$3939 with payment plan

12 month payment plans of $328.25