Today the Moon is 96% illuminated. Full Moons illuminate what is happening in our lives. They are a time of integration, perfection and sustaining. Once we understand this process, then we release something that is not serving us.

How are you holding up from the Full Moon energy? I will vulnerably share that this Moon kicked my ass! I feel it was tumultous. August’s Sturgeon Moon came in to my life like the Tropical Storm Isaiah figuratively and literally! My physical body feels as if a storm raged through her (I think that’s the Witch in me, the part that is intensely connected to Mother Nature).

It was really tough time for me. A lot of fear came up. Fear of not being enough, not being loved, and being lonely. I finally admitted to myself that I’m lonely and I’ve been this way for a very long time…years.

Whenever we are in a place of scarcity whether it’s from loneliness, finances, love relationships, or friendships, etc., we can easily make poor decisions. No matter what is happening, bringing my heart to meet the circumstance is where presence turns into presents.

To make wise decisions, I rely on bringing the light and the dark into my heart. Once here, I go deeper into learning about Viveka and Vairagya which are Sanskrit words. In yoga philosophy, Viveka and Vairagya are known as …Wings to the Soul. Viveka is the shield and Vedanta is the sword.

Viveka is discrimination between what’s real and unreal; therefore, viveka protects or intellects so we are not attracted to the changing, unreal world.

Vairagya is nonattachment which cuts or divides the impermanent from the permanent. I began applying these wings, Viveka and Vairagya to my soul as I journey through this stormy Moon.

I truly believe that this month is bringing each of us the gifts of new life and abundance! We are still in this birthing process and birth ain’t easy! With my beautiful daughter’s expectant tummy growing a little more each week, I wish I could tell her that giving birth is not hard, BUT, we all know that birth IS MESSY!

The gifts of new life and abundance are miracles. For the month of August, I’ve chosen a spirit animal for each of us to connect with. It is the rabbit or hare because it’s message is life, fertility and abundance.

Along with fertility and new life, the spirit animal of the rabbit also indicates success, luck and sexuality. So, pay attention to the signs and to the bunnies!

Through the teachings of viveka and vairagya in my mentoring/coaching programs, I am offer wings to the awakened world and to your awakened soul!

Below is information on my new signature offering and mystery school, the Untamable Priestess Program. To learn more or to apply, simply respond to this email and we will set up some time to talk!

Many blessings and so much love,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin,

Holistic Coach & Healer