September 11 – Waning Crescent

Namaste Beautiful Ones!

Today the moon is in the Crescent waning phase.

As we get closer to September’s New Moon, the emotional realm may be strong.

This is a time of releasing and letting go.

Journal question: can I forgive and forget?

Personally, I used to think, I will forgive but NOT forget. Now, I’m contemplating forgiveness and forgetting. I feel that having the power to forget means that I have the power to trust myself and my intuition each moment by staying in the moment.

This is beautiful for letting go of old stories. Everything is created new each moment. Trusting in being here, now.

The element of water will help with surrendering during this moon’s phase, whether, that’s drinking lots of water, being by water, bathing, crying, showering, or getting outside and washing your car!

On another note, the animal spirit that is assisting strongly this month is the ELEPHANT!

Tune in and meditate on the elephant’s spiritual message of LUCK!

Calling in some good luck for each and everyone of us today!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Holistic Coach/Healer/Wiccan High Priestess