In Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, Parvati Victoria, will guide you on a journey of your chakras and a journey of your soul! This is a holistic, profound, inner experience to awaken you to your true essence and to the innate healing that resides within.  

Using the ancient philosophies of yoga which are based on over 4000 years of wisdom, I guide my clients on a journey of the subtle energy centers in their bodies known as chakras to develop a deeper mind – body – spiritual connection for wholeness of health and wealth.

Through this connection, body intelligence arises.  This process helps people to bust through blocks and manifest their deepest dreams and highest purpose.   

There are eight limbs to yoga and the physical part of yoga is just one of the eight limbs.

In Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, we go on a course titled Journey of the Chakras, Journey of Your Soul. It encompasses all eight limbs of yoga with a strong focus on the chakras. 

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Everything is made of energy. The food we eat carries energy. As we know, pre-packaged food, has little life force energy compared to an organic apple.

How we live our lives including the food we eat, the work we do, our relationships, our home environment, our childhood,  and how we treat our bodies, relates to the vibration of these chakras or energetic centers.

A chakra is a wheel, a disk, a vortex energy center that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy.

Chakras are energetic centers in the body, spinning spheres of energy that originate at the nerves at the base of the spine and stem forth through the spinal column.  The seven major chakras are stacked beginning at the base of the spine and rise up to the crown of the head.

Chakras provide us with an energy map with which to study ourselves. Although it is possible to study the chakras only from an intellectual level, in Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, we are going deeper than the mind. You will be guided on a deep journey of self study and self-observation.  

Through this journey of your chakras, hidden limiting beliefs are uncovered and within these darker aspects hide your deepest GEMS. Once these hidden gems are found through a mind-spirit-body connection, the fullest expression of your deepest dreams for your soul’s evolution will naturally emerge.


Reclaim Your Inner Power

Deeply Trust Yourself & the Universe

Love Your Body

Walk in Sacredness

Connect with or Deepen Your Relationship with Sacred Feminine Wisdom- the Goddess Energy

Conquer dreams!

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring   -Find the Magic Within-

Are you ready to begin the unique personal journey into the seven major chakras and into your soul?