Abundance & Anahata

Anahata is the name for our Heart Chakra. The Sanskrit word, Anahata means unstruck, and unhurt sound. Having a balanced Anahata Chakra happens when we tune into the place in our hearts before we were ever hurt by the world. Then we make choices from that place in our hearts which was never touched by pain. We make choices that leave us and others feeling abundantly loved.

When our Heart/Anahata Chakra is depleted, anxiety creeps in and we tend to have problems in our relationships. Our thoughts turn into negative ones such as:

People do not appreciate me.

Others take advantage of me.

I’m great at helping others but not helping myself.

I do not have the money that I need.

However, when our Heart/Anahata Chakra is abundant with love, there’s less stress and our relationships are loving too. Negative thoughts turn into positive ones, such as:

Mistakes are a part of growth.

Everyone is doing their best; me too!

I am loved.

I am compassionate towards others and myself!

Yesterday, my morning began with a heart chakra full of love. I began my day choosing to ABANDON anxiety. Well, that is easy to say when you’re heart is already in a place that is not hurting. Within a couple hours, I had a conflict someone that I treasure.

My loving attitude turned into anxiety within seconds. After being very upset for a few minutes, I remembered my commitment for the day which was to ABANDON anxiety. As Wayne Dyer says, “Abundance is not something we acquire, it’s something we tune into.”

I knew I had to change my attitude and tune into an abundant heart. Mathew 12:34 says, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So, I began my process of asking my Spirit Guides to help me to see this situation in love and not in the entanglement of shadows, which is feelings of rejection and confusion.

When we choose to tune into positive vibrations, we make our decisions with discernment and not from a place of lack. We realize that our hearts are abundant with love and we replace negative thoughts with postive ones.

I wish I could say that anxiety left me immediately, but in truth, I went from thinking I was totally in the “right” and him being in the “wrong”. Therefore, I took on an attitude of being better than someone else. My emotions turned into anger. I decided to go deeper into my heart chakra practices while continually asking Spirit to show me a different way. Finally, by the end of the evening , I surrendered my ego and replaced it with faith in my source. My heart opened in fullness of love. Within a few moments, I received a text message with a huge offering of love from this person that I treasure.

Once, I tuned in to the universal station of love, my relationship changed.

Living life with discernment is not always easy. We get worried about what to say, should we say it, and how to say it. When we are able to surrender our ego, and instead choose the spiritual wisdom of living in faith, miracles happen.

I am super excited to announce that I’ve enrolled in a certified life coaching course that begins today! This course includes a program that helps women to STOP binge eating, STOP dieting, and STOP all the body drama. This course’s message compliments my work in Sacred Empowerment Mentoring, which is to empower women to feel comfortable and strong in their bodies, minds and spirits. Empowering others is my passion and dharma/duty.

I am very excited about this life coaching course and I look forward to sharing what I learn. If you would like to schedule a Discovery Session with me to learn more about my work and what it can do for you, simply respond to this email.

Wishing each of you an Abundant Anahata Chakra full of FAITH and LOVE.

Namaste & Blessed Be,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin,

Holistic Coach, Intuitive Healer & Yoga Teacher