January 30 – Winter Magic ~ Dark Moon Weekend

Dark Moon weekend! Using this time to go through the messy and feral parts of life… The moon is waning with 4% illumination. This is the Balsamic Moon phase. And yes, it’s just like balsamic dressing! Balsamic means producing balsam, which is described as having health-giving properties of being soothing and restorative. The Dark Moon […]

Costa Rica Wellness Retreat

October 30 – November 5, 2021 Namaste Tribe!It’s time to create miracles! Are you ready??? Teaching yoga in a tropical paradise for an extended time period has been a dream of mine for years. This year that miracle is coming true! For nine weeks this fall, you can find me teaching yoga at The Retreat […]

May 27 – Full Moon – Illumination: 98%

Namaste Tribe! Yesterday morning at 7:14 a.m., we experienced a total lunar eclipse. Eclipse are said to hide what is usually easy to see, and reveal what has been hidden. Most evenings after 7:00 p.m., I begin to look for something to snack on. I was recently talking to a few friends who said they […]

October 16 – Dark Moon Magic

Namaste Dear Ones, Popping in to wish you a Dark Moon full of extraordinaire blessings! The strings of your heart chakra may be pulled today by this SuperMoon, if so fall inward. The Dark Moon is a time of yin, slowness, feminine and sensuality. It’s a time to nurture and LOVE YOURSELF with ABANDON! How […]

October 12 – Waning Crescent

October 12 – Waning Crescent Illumination: 25% Namaste Dear Ones! I hope this email finds you and your loved ones, safe, happy and healthy! Just writing to share a positive story with you in hopes to shine some light your way! Since Covid began, I made the commitment to not make any choices or new endeavors […]

September 11 – Waning Crescent

September 11 – Waning Crescent Namaste Beautiful Ones! Today the moon is in the Crescent waning phase. As we get closer to September’s New Moon, the emotional realm may be strong. This is a time of releasing and letting go. Journal question: can I forgive and forget? Personally, I used to think, I will forgive […]