February 2018 Newsletter

FIND THE MAGIC WITHIN Namaste from Palm Beach Florida. Here I am in Full Moon pose/asana. In this asana, the palm of my right hand rest on my heart, the magic of LOVE resides inside of each of us and is accessible through our hearts, through the path of self LOVE! This pose was not […]

January 2018 Newsletter

FIND THE MAGIC WITHIN THIS NEW YEAR THROUGH THE DAILY PRACTICE OF YOGA. TAKE BLISSFUL YOGA’S 30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE! HAPPY 2018! A new year is a perfect time to challenge our selves. Blissful Yoga challenges you to go deeper inside and find that magic that resides inside with a 30 day yoga challenge! ARE […]

December 2017 Newsletter

December is the month of giving and receiving. What simple, yet profound gift can you give to yourself this month to celebrate the magic in the holiday season, as well as, in your life? The MAGICAL GIFT of chanting, “OM”! Why do we chant, “OM” in yoga? Although, there are many answers, below are three;  […]