“Be Shameless!”

May’s Blossom Full Moon in Sagittarius! May’s Blossom Full Moon in Sagittaurus guides us to let the adventure begin! Sagittarius sign has a bow and arrow.  So, let’s hunt for our new adventures that are calling to us this Summer through a Full Moon Ritual.  This Sagittarus energy is ruled by fiery Jupiter and wants […]

June 2018 Newsletter

June 2018! In March, I received my new spiritual name which is Parvati. The Goddess Parvati is the Divine Feminine Yoga Master and she is married to Shiva the creator of Yoga. Goddess Parvati is an incarnation of Shakti, the Divine Feminine Principle in the Cosmos. Since June is known as the month of LOVE […]

Be Relentless

There’s Beauty in the Struggle… Gifts of Relentless Surrendering What brought you to Blissful Yoga?  Was it a search for healing or for spiritual aspirations? Suffering and the search for wellness and enlightenment begin on the same path. However, those paths separate when we avoid suffering. When the automatic desire to become free of pain […]

Arrogantly be here!

Arrogantly be here! Gifts of the Muladhara Chakra Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, ” Eat, Pray, Love” up-leveled my life! From that book, I had the courage to travel throughout India five times over the past five years. During my first trip in India, I came back with the idea, the seed planted in me to host […]

April 2018 Newsletter

April has arisen and everyone seems to be demanding spring, myself included, but Mother Nature will arrive in her own time and not a moment sooner. Mother Nature’s arrival reminds me of the story of the Goddess Parvati who came to me while I was on my recent trip to India! During my trip there […]

March came in like a lion…

The storm on Friday night, March 2 was quite unexpected. We were braced for rain, not snow. Energetically, it felt transformational and magical. The night before was a Full Moon and on Full Moons I like to pick something to release. Something that is no longer serving my highest good and not bringing me peace. I […]