Dark Moon weekend! Using this time to go through the messy and feral parts of life…

The moon is waning with 4% illumination. This is the Balsamic Moon phase. And yes, it’s just like balsamic dressing! Balsamic means producing balsam, which is described as having health-giving properties of being soothing and restorative. The Dark Moon phase is best for solitude, reflecting, restoring and for me this snowy weekend allowed me to do just that. I rested a bit, leisurely made real estate calls, played with my pets and contemplated the moon, chakras and magic. Some of my favorite things to do!

This is the third snow storm I’ve experienced in Cape May, New Jersey since coming home from spending nine weeks in Costa Rica with much warmer temperatures. In Costa Rica I taught
yoga twice a day while living in a wellness retreat center. I was served three incredibly delicious meals a day with no gluten and no dairy, and received time for my own wellness,
healing and rebooting!

Today’s dark moon energy, welcomes time for healing and rebooting too! This moon is in the sign of Capricorn which activates the Root – Muladhara chakra. This vortex energetic center is located at the base of the spine. Physically, it is associated with the glutes, spinal base, legs and feet.

Emotionally and energetically, the Muladhara chakra is connected to the element of earth, trust, life, family, ancestral roots, prosperity, grounding, safety, and nourishment. By working with this chakra we learn to trust all of life!

Muladhara Chakra Affirmation:
I trust the process of my life!

I do believe that EVERYTHING is happening FOR us or one can even say WITH us. I also love the Divine Dark…going into the demon of fear and being with it, witnessing it, watching it, breathing with it, dancing through it. That is where the magic occurs. That is when alchemy happens. Most times our natural inclination is to cover it up and hide from it.

This week I had tons of anger coursing through my veins. In yoga philosophy, anger is one of the six passions emanating from the sacral chakra. These six passions are one’s enemies: anger, lust, delusion, greed, pride and envy. All of these arise from the Ahamkara (ego) which is a sense of mine-ness.

Currently, I’m reading, The Serpent Power, by Sir John Woodroffe. This Tantric text is an academic and scholarly book on the chakras, and is actually a translation of two ancient text. Here it says by meditating on the Svadhisthana / Sacral chakra the six evil inclinations/passions are destroyed. It says, “by contemplation on the Svadhisthana chakra, darkness is destroyed and the Sun of Knowledge is acquired.” It also states that one becomes a Lord among Yogis…something to hope for I suppose. 😉

I won’t get into the personal details of the anger, but we all experience anger at some time. It’s powerful. It does feel like passion. It gets energy going, it’s fiery, it’s flame. Anger can also be transformed. So, this cooling of the snow, this cooling of the dark phase of the moon, seems to have a balsamic effect on my soul. Hoping you also get time to go within, reflect, sooth, and pull some weeds out of the garden of your own soul.

Let’s prepare for the New Moon, new beginnings and the next glorious chapter of our lives!

If you’d like to learn more about embodying your soul, creating magic and conquering dreams, schedule a complimentary discovery session with me today!

Go through the Divine Dark and access the Light of your Soul!


Blessed be,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin
Yoga Life Coach and REALTOR®

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