How does distant healing work?

Parvati Victoria Goodwin will connect into the vibratory energy signature of the client and using her sixth sense, in connection with higher spiritual guidance, sees, knows and operates within the energetic field, shifting blocks and running healing energy from the divine. Parvati Victoria will remotely scan your chakras intuitively in order to look, listen or feel the shifts within and outside your energy system. This chakra balancing includes Reiki healing & LaHo-Chi (Taoism Energy healing (pronounced lah hoe chee) while Parvati connects with the healing Balinese waters for a deep emotional healing.  Both Reiki and LaHo-Chi are powerful, yet very gentle, high vibrational spiritual and remote healing modalities that empower students and clients to align with their natural connection to the Unified Field of Love, utilize this universal life force energy and further develop their subtle multi-dimensional awareness and abilities. Subtle energy healing encourages and enhances the body’s  natural ability to effectively heal itself.  

*Intuitive healings can be in person or via remote*

$149 for 60 minutes of Remote Healings

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