Waxing Crescent Moon

Illumination: 20%

Throat Chakra Ilumination


It’s been awhile since I’ve sent an email. That’s because I was feeling strange, sort of out of it and then on Sunday I found out there was a death in my family. I was going to stay quiet longer but I feel guided to share the importance of following the light, even in the midst of very dark experiences.

My younger brother died on Sunday, February 23. Death of a sibling is not new to me. Our younger sister died sixteen years ago.

But, I can’t believe my brother is dead. My eyes hurt. My heart hurts. My mind hurts. Actually, my whole body is calling for attention.

My body is calling to me for healing. First,I’m going to focus on throat chakra healing. This is our center of speaking the truth, expressing ourselves, expressing our creativity. If you were not allowed as a child to speak the truth, if you were not listened to or told kids were to be seen and not heard, if communication was missing or ill, your throat chakra health may be affected by this subtle energy center which can lead to behavioral and emotional problems such as not knowing how to express one’s self in a healthy way, or thyroid problems, or any illness affecting the hands, arms, neck, mouth and ears.

My brother is three years younger than me. He had the biggest heart! He loved to fish. He played the guitar and he loved cats! He was always rescuing cats and seemed to have a new litter of kittens yearly. He was cool. He was a sweet, sweet man. He was full of charisma. I can not believe that he is gone. I am in shock.

I am not going to sugar coat or lie about my brother’s death or my sister’s death. I am going to honor my brother by speaking the truth. The truth about addiction and that both of them were killed by narcotics. The truth that the number one cause of death for people aged 20-50 is overdose. The truth that the health of our behavior contributes to mental health issues.

People don’t want to talk about this problem. Some people judge others in regards to addiction. Some people don’t want to tell the truth about deaths of this type because of fear of being judged.

Most humans are addicted to something, whether it be drugs, television, clothes, shopping, yoga, gambling, drinking, food, social media, reading,etc.

I feel our world is about to get darker and that we will need the light of the Moon to guide us through these murky, deep,waters. The light of TRUTH.

The darkness reminds me that every thing is sacred. Every act. Every word.

My brother’s memorial services were yesterday. It’s been a traumatic week. First trauma needs to be recognized, felt and moved through and out of the body with physical movement, or else it will stay there and wreak havoc on our health. We have to process feelings and move our bodies daily.

Today, I went into nature looking for answers. I packed Wylee and some hiking supplies for us and took off to explore South Jersey. Here’s a short video of Wylee in nature

Whenever I hike or take off into nature, I find treasures that guide me. Today, I went in looking for answers and found this mirror. This is a sacred message for me to look within to find the answers

Dragons also appeared today! Two huge lawn dragons at two different places! Below is a picture of one. Dragons represent fire and light and old stories being transmuted.

Emotional trauma can physically change the body. Roses bring heart chakra healing.

Then back home with a very content Wylee!

There’s still time during the waxing crescent moon to pick an intention and watch it grow nightly with the light of the Moon. My process of healing has barely begun. For now, on this waxing crescent moon, I pray my brother and sister are together having a magical reunion.

Love & Magic,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT 500

Yoga Life Coach & Healer

Below is a picture of my brother Steven Edward Skupejko, aka, Spiderman! My father nicknamed him Spiderman when he was a toddler and even as an adult, we called him Spider or Spiderman.