We are about to go on a deep, mystical journey together. Through this journey you will learn how to face your fears, embrace your hidden powers, develop unshakable courage and reconnect with your loving soul.

Let’s Begin.

Through Sacred Empowerment Mentoring you will be guided to rediscover your true self and accomplish your highest dreams and visions.

Together we will…
Unlock your unlimited potential
Tune into the divine nature inside of you
Connect with the energy centers in your body
Elevate consciousness beyond lack and limitations
Live from a place of confidence, joy and prosperity
Embody your true magic and make it SHINE

Which divine adventure will you go on with me?

The Untamable Priestess

The answers and wisdom you seek are within, and through The Untamable Priestess you will find them!

Through magical conscious healing, you will be guided into accessing your creativity and power.

Together we will navigate through the 13 Moon cycles to activate the wild woman within and boldly step into your truth.


Activate your intuition
Unleash your untamed soul
Develop your natural psychic abilities
Reclaim lost parts of your spirit
Reconnect with your inner goddess


29 bi-weekly Life Coaching Sessions
Life Coaching Mystery School
Intuitive Healing and Chakra Balancing
Moon Medicine by connecting with the phases of the Moon
Initiations with Archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel
Spirit contact with one or more of your spirit guides
Finding Your True North – Relating with the 4 directions
Chakra Activation, meditations and rituals
Priestess graduation and initiation through a Medicine Wheel Nature Ceremony

It is here that lasting change takes place and you will heal your mind, body and spirit in a sacred space.

PRICE: $4,349
or 12 monthly payments of $412.42

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This is an opportunity to learn about the work that I do and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

The Untamable Priestess

I came to Parvati Victoria originally for chakra healing. My energy felt off and I was struggling with motivation and health issues. My session with her was amazing. I could feel the healing power emanating from her touch and from her very presence. I was excited to learn that she also provided mentoring and I immediately requested her assistance. What followed was the experience of a lifetime! Each mentoring session was full of insights, not only those originating from the lessons Parvati Victoria discussed with me, but the inner sparks of intuition which kept coming days, weeks and months later as I meditated on the information. Parvati Victoria helped me face my fears, including deep seated issues with my mother so I could recognize what was holding me back from connecting with our Great Mother and the sacred universe.

Since my mentoring with Parvati Victoria, my whole life has turned around. My health has improved and I released 15 unneeded pounds. I am marrying the love of my life and I am able to relate with him using tools and insights I gained from our mentoring sessions. My work is coming more easily for me and my stress level has lessoned dramatically. I feel that I am also a better mother to my own daughters based on the closure I was able to obtain on my own dark mothering issues as Parvati Victoria helped me shed healing light on them.

Sacred mentoring is not just another “talk, talk” experience or another “self help” program that feels productive at the moment and then fades as real life rushes back in after the program ends.. I’ve had my share of those. This is entirely different and unique. The meditations and rituals I learned from Parvati Victoria are now part of my daily life. I am forever changed. But the most mind boggling part is that I am still changing and unfolding months after my sessions have ended. If there is one gift I could recommend to anyone ready to take life to the next level, it is Sacred Empowerment Mentoring with Parvati Victoria Goodwin.

The only thing I can recommend to make the experience better is to have more of it!!!


I had so many questions about why I did the simple things I do. Or struggled to identify my fluctuating feelings – so much instinctive input with so little direction as to what it all means and what I should do with it.

I’m so much more aware of my ability to shape my world, my thoughts and my actions. Life isn’t happening to me. I’m experiencing it and it’s a marvel. I was getting there through my work, hypnotherapy, the study of cognitive behavioral therapy, my Reiki training and practice, intuitive development and mindful meditation but Witch School opened that door to “other” for me. I find myself with my feet firmly on the ground and my mind open and ever expanding.

Acceptance. Acceptance of who I am, what I am, what my many roles are. Acceptance of finding my strength in nature and developing a connectedness with my core self. I loved learning about spell craft and the phases of the moon. I loved the people that I was exposed to with different backgrounds and life experience but still felt like I was one of them.

I will continue my Wicca studies and incorporate what I’ve learned so far into my daily life. I have a vast array of tools to work with now and I can see very clearly how that will affect my future, my patients, my family and my expanded sense of personal growth.

It is exactly what it needs to be for those who seek it. As Mr. Rogers would say “I like you for just your being you” Getting to know you better and taking this course has been a great pleasure to me. I know you’re always a wealth of knowledge and an invaluable resource. I’m damn glad you’re on my side. You are my friend and my sister.

When I was a little girl, I thought I must be special because the moon follows me. Guess what… I am and it does. Blessings my friend and I hope you find a million more people to love this course and what you have to offer!

Andrea (Anj) Finley

My biggest struggle before mentoring with Parvati Victoria Goodwin was grief, anxiety and fear. I had recently lost my husband and was alone for the first time in my life and while I had many blessings in my life I felt alone.

Through sacred empowerment I learned a lot about myself, where my anxiety comes from and how to deal with it. Victoria is amazing the exercises were fun and they worked. I felt at peace and in comfortable with myself for the first time.

I spent most of my life taking care of others. This program helped me to learn about myself, gave me skills to build a deeper relationship with God and helped to deepen my spiritual practice.

I’m excited about my life and looking forward to all the future holds for me, a new relationship with a wonderful man, completing my yoga teacher certification and someday soon teaching yoga to other people in my age group.

You are an amazing mentor Victoria and its a blessing to know and to have worked with you.

Name withheld

Sacred Empowerment Mentoring was beautiful. I have a better understanding of the importance of mediating and focusing. I know to take care of my energy centers. I have learned to listen to my body and spend time with my thoughts. I learned the importance of having a guide to work through the messiness of thoughts to come to an ultimate goal or conclusion.

I loved the opportunity to focus on myself and gravitate to my true wants.

I left my career to spend time with myself and my passions. I’ve never been happier and I have the opportunity to create every day. With space comes the availability for growth.

Elizabeth Cox Barling

My biggest struggle before my mentoring experience was being able to ground and protect myself energetically. The biggest shift I’ve experienced from working with Parvati Victoria in Sacred Empowerment Mentoring is that I know I have the resources to access my power.

I thought it was incredibly valuable when we did a reiki/energy session combined with our mentoring session. I loved the accountability and support during mentoring. I loved having the backbone of the chakra system and your support like a mirror. I love that our time together was full of exploration and discovery which led to truth and stability. I am excited to create space to share what I learned on my journey with my loved ones and community! I realized that I need to lean into my interests, practices and rituals so I can lead authentically.

Name withheld

I feel very blessed to have joined Parvati Victoria Goodwin on a journey in the beautiful country of Cuba. It was a very healing experience for me. The people there were so nice and kind to our group. I learned a lot about the history of Cuba on a walking tour in Havana. I enjoyed the beach, horseback riding, the music, the food, the vintage cars and the colorful architecture. The yoga teachers who shared their practices with us each day were wonderful. I really felt transformed from the whole experience and it will be a trip I will never forget.

Donna H